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Maxpedition Prepared Citizen Deluxe Backpack

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Jonathan Tayag
Maxpedition Prepared Citizen Deluxe Backpack

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If concealed carry in a bag is an integral part of your EDC, you should know how important it is to remain inconspicuous while you go about your daily business. In most jurisdictions, keeping your weapon concealed is an essential part of staying in the good graces of the law. Plus, there’s the added personal safety benefit involved in not making yourself a target. Loud military-style tactical bags with webbing all over might not only look out of place in some settings like at work or around town, but they can also draw unwanted attention. What you need is something like the Maxpedition Prepared Citizen Deluxe Backpack: a low-profile tactical bag, built for CCW and your everyday carry, but with an understated design language that won’t make you stand out.

Maxpedition has been a go-to EDC brand thanks to their high-quality tactical bags built for military and law enforcement use. Driven by a “tactical/non-tactical” design approach that we previewed at SHOT Show earlier this year, they’ve put all of their knowledge into making the Prepared Citizen Deluxe a more civilian-friendly backpack. At first glance, it might look like an everyday bookbag. But unlike the flimsy budget bookbag you’re familiar with, the Prepared Citizen Deluxe is made out of tough 1000-denier nylon fabric to stand up to everyday wear and tear and coated with Teflon for added dirt and grime resistance. It also sports quality YKK zippers as well as Duraflex buckles and hardware to help the bag last commute after commute. And with 32 liters of combined capacity across three separate compartment spaces and its dedicated 15“ laptop sleeve, you have more than enough to fill this bag with all the gear you need to get through your day.

But what really sets the Prepared Citizen Deluxe Backpack from the standard book bag is the hidden pocket found in the exterior back padded panel, which is designed to hold your carry pistol of choice. The interior accommodates hook and loop accessories, so you can position the firearm and any extra magazines how you want and prevent them from bouncing around as you move. When duty calls, you’ll appreciate that the CCW area allows for ambidextrous side access, so all it takes is swinging the bag to your side to easily reach what you need.

Being prepared is important, on and off duty, but one of the worst things you can do is have the wrong kind of gear that actually ends up making you a target. And even if you don’t carry, the built-tough design of the Maxpedition Prepared Citizen Deluxe far outclasses any standard bookbag you’ll find on the shelves. Consider picking up the bag from Amazon at the link below, or direct from Maxpedition.

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