MecArmy CPL Watchband Flashlight

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One way to shake things up in your EDC is to experiment not just with what you carry, but how you carry them. In the case of flashlights, you might have one in your pocket, on your keychain, on your phone, or even on your head. But if none of those options appeal to you, maybe your next light belongs on your wrist. MecArmy’s new innovation, the CPL Flashlight, sports a unique form factor designed to slip onto a watch band or similarly sized tactical webbing. It’s a modern, premium upgrade to the button-cell lights of the past that can consolidate and add value to your carry in ways other flashlights can’t, especially if you’re already using a watch or tactical bag.

To keep the CPL compact enough to carry comfortably on a 24mm or smaller watch strap, it sports a low-profile, 30mm x 28mm x 18mm square form factor. The body’s TC4 titanium construction makes it ideal for wrist wear, as it’s tough yet light at just about 1 ounce, as well as corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic for EDCers with sensitive skin. Smooth, chamfered edges and rounded strap hooks on the underside also add to the overall comfort of the light.

On the business end, you’ll find a CREE XP-G2 LED that outputs a full, floody beam. The CPL features an emergency strobe and 4 general usage modes with a 3-lumen Low that lasts for 30 hours, up to a maximum output of 160 lumens on Turbo for the first 2 minutes, ramping down to 43 lumens. It’s powered by user-replaceable CR2032 button batteries and operates via a large, recessed power button to avoid accidental presses. Double-tapping the button turns the light on, single pressing cycles through its modes, press and hold turns the light off, and triple clicking gives instant access to its Turbo mode.

With a unique form factor that’s designed to be carried in places other lights can’t go, the CPL features the usual set of robust durability features like 1m drop resistance and IPX6 water resistance. You can toss it on your favorite compatible watch band or keep it as a back-up light on any PALS webbing you might find on a tactical bag or pouch organizer. Get a closer look at the MecArmy CPL and grab one to round out your kit from the link below.

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