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It doesn’t matter how much you spend on something, the best EDC tool is the one you have on you. When you’re out and about, a great flashlight isn’t going to do you much good on your bedside table. MecArmy knows this, which is why they made the FC1 wallet sheath that perfectly consolidates your cards with their SGN3 flashlight. As a company with a proven track record of great EDC tools, it knows that most people never leave the house without their wallet. Using that to your advantage means you’ll never be forced to use the weak light on your phone again.

As a company that specializes in tactical gear made to take a beating, it should come as no surprise the FC1 isn’t just your typical wallet. You won’t find any leather or cloth here, instead you’ll get a sheath made entirely from the polymer Kydex which is both lightweight and tough to break. It weighs in at a little over two ounces and at its thickest point is still less than an inch. It can easily hold a few cards, folded bills, and even some loose change. The whole thing is hand-polished to boot, adding a quality finish in line with what you’d expect from a MecArmy product.

The tough build is only half the story, because the FC1 wallet also has some extra functionality thrown in. Not only are your cards quickly accessible with a quick swipe of your thumb, but the sheath on the other side of the wallet fits the MecArmy SGN3 flashlight perfectly. Best of all, precise cutouts over the power button and the head of the light lets you use it without even taking it out from the sheath. There’s also a keyring hole so you can keep everything in one place, but a paracord lanyard for quick retrieval from your pockets works just as well.

There are plenty of wallets you can pick up, but the MecArmy FC1 is unique in how it consolidates two of your most important items into one. If you’re tired of not having a real flashlight when you need it or just want to consolidate your carry into a more manageable system, then the FC1 wallet might be for you. Check it out for yourself by clicking the link below.

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