MecArmy illumineX

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There’s no better time to be on the market for a new flashlight than now. You can find plenty of quality, affordable lights suitable for various applications from nearly every manufacturer. With that said, not all of them can fit your keychain or pocket like an ideal EDC light should. Enter MecArmy, one of the newest manufacturers to join the fray with their illumineX line of compact keychain flashlights. At just 1.7″, the illumineX comes in a range of materials from brass to titanium, and with a twisty interface pushes out a monstrous 130 lumens from its XP-G2 emitter. Its 10180 battery conveniently recharges with a built-in micro USB port in just an hour, so you won’t be left in the dark for long. If you need a light that packs a punch without tipping the scales, browse the link below to find an illumineX for you.


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