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Even with smartphones an invaluable part of any modern carry, for many, its main action is slipping in and out of a pocket or bag between uses. But with so much power and information at your fingertips, all it takes is the right tools and functionality to unlock your device’s full potential. You’ll may have heard of Peak Design and their line of great everyday carry slings and packs that are especially nice if you happen to carry tech (and especially cameras) around with you all day. With a unique case and mount system that’s a step above what you’ll find at your neighborhood wireless store, their latest project–Mobile–takes your phone to the next level of convenience and usability.

The heart of the Mobile system is Peak Design’s development of the SlimLink mount built into their new slim protective Everyday Case, a low-profile attachment system that allows your phone to attach securely to mounts, tripods, and chargers whenever and wherever you need it. That connection works in two ways: the first is a magnetic system that allows for easy removal while being more secure than the standard friction mount you might find on your current charging stand or car vent clip holder.

The hard link allows for ultimate security, making it great for use with their Out-Front and Universal Bike Mount for a fast-paced lifestyle (there’s a Motorcycle Bar and Stem Mount too for even faster adventurers). For photographers and videographers they’ve also designed a Mobile Tripod for table top content creation and a Mobile Creator Kit that features Arca-Swiss connection compatibility for your convenience.

While you might notice Apple iPhones used a lot in demonstrating this system, Peak Design has also designed dedicated cases for Samsung’s flagship S20 phone line, along with the Universal Adapter designed to work with whatever you have without much hassle. Rest assured, those magnets won’t interfere with Apple’s new MagSafe system that they’re introducing with the new iPhone 12, and your non-Apple devices can enjoy similar magnetic charge alignment with Peak Design’s special SlimLine charge stand. There’s even a magnetic slim card case attachment called the Kickstand Wallet that you can use that’s more versatile than fixed solutions that also block magnetic charging and NFC payments. True to its name, it also swings out and acts as a phone stand when you need it to.

All of Peak Design’s mobile case, wallet, charging, and content creation system features lightweight and durable precision crafted aerospace-grade aluminum and Bluesign-certified fabric construction. You also get Peak Design’s lifetime guarantee that they’ll fix or replace anything that goes wrong with their products for life, giving you the confidence you need to trust your expensive phone to their system.

You can pick up their Mobile system right now by reserving a bundle right now at the fully funded Kickstarter link below, at a price that’ll be less than the retail rate when they’re in full production. Peak Design has a long history on delivering on their crowdfunded designs, and the Mobile system promises to be their most innovative yet. Check it out at the link below.

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