MyKee Titanium Multitool Key

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It’s easy to make quick fixes with a full-sized multitool, but hard to carry one if size and weight are a concern. The MyKee offers impressive functionality in a package that’s actually easy to carry. It’s made from a high strength, lightweight grade 5 titanium in an understated design fit for your keyring. With just a hex wrench set, bottle opener, semi-sharp “blade,” and “claw,” it manages to add 18 functions to your EDC. The blade is safe to the touch, yet sharp enough for tasks like getting through packaging, quick repairs, and even meal prep. The claw works like a pry bar and can lock with a proprietary bit system to transform into even more tools. If you’ve been looking for a multitool but didn’t want to commit too much pocket space to one, you can pick up a MyKee on sale from our shop at the link below.


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