Nitecore TINI 2 Titanium Keychain Flashlight

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The days of needing to lug around a big, bulky flashlight to have hundreds of lumens of lighting in your EDC are long gone. Flashlight makers like Nitecore pushed the envelope of what a flashlight small enough to fit on your keychain could do for years now, starting with their groundbreaking Tube light. Since then, they’ve raised the bar even higher with their latest keychain light, the Nitecore TINI 2. It takes some of the best features from their previous keychain flashlights, like an OLED display, dual-switch interface, and USB-C charging, and fits it all in a design that’s smaller than a car fob. Even better, it’s now available in premium and collectible titanium and stainless steel.

True to its name, the TINI 2 is quite small. It measures 1.83“ in length and weights only 0.66 oz, so you’ll barely feel it in your keychain or pockets. The shell is made out of an aluminum alloy with an HA III military-grade anodization. This gives it an IP54 rating for water resistance and 1 meter of impact resistance. Moving on to its performance, the TINI 2 surpasses its predecessor with a maximum output of 500 lumens, a substantial upgrade over the original’s 380 lumen output. This is thanks to the use of two OSRAM P8 LEDs, powered by a built-in 280mAh lithium-ion battery. For added convenience, you can recharge the battery via USB-C.

The TINI 2 features 5 different modes which you can access via its dual button set up. These brightness modes are conveniently spaced for general EDC use, starting at a 1-lumen ultra-low, a 15-lumen Low, 65-lumen Medium, 200-lumen High, and a maximum output of 500 lumens on Turbo. You can access these modes by pressing the “Power” button and cycling through them with the “Mode“ button. Whenever you cycle to a new mode, the OLED display will indicate which mode you are on and exactly how much runtime you have left. The TINI 2 also features two different lockout modes to prevent accidental activation of the light, helping preserve battery and your night vision. Pressing and holding the power button activates either mode: the first one prevents the light from being turned on except for the Turbo mode, which can be accessed by pressing the ”Mode“ button. The second one completely locks the light, which is great for long term storage.

Some other notable features include a built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation to prevent it from over-heating, a stainless steel keychain ring which can withstand up to 66lbs of weight, overcharge and short-circuit protection, and the fact that you can use it while it’s recharging. You can pick one up in all four colorways including the new titanium and stainless steel options at the link below.

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