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When power is the most important thing to you when considering an EDC flashlight, you start having to consider lights that are often too bulky to be practical. But with advances in modern battery and emitter technology, you can get LED flashlights like the new Nitecore TM9K. It’s called the “Tiny Monster” line for a reason: it puts out an astounding 9,500 lumens out the front in a size that’s still portable and practical for everyday carry, but still capable of tremendous output when needed.

The power of the Nitecore TM9K lies in its head which contains 9 x CREE XP-L HD V6 LED modules that combine to put out a maximum brightness of 9,500 lumens out the front to approximately 879 feet ahead of the user on Turbo. It’s powered by a built-in 5000mAh 21700 USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery, contained inside the TM9k’s IP68-rated aluminum body. With its dual tail switch design, you can access Turbo, Strobe, momentary, and constant-on modes with a single hand.

You can tune the output across 5 other modes all the way down to an Ultralow setting of 30 lumens, allowing the light to run for a full 60 hours before needing to be recharged. And with the kind of power this light can put on it’s impressive that it measures just 4.92″ long and 7.69 ounces in weight. Its footprint is pocketable with larger pants, and it’s not so big that it won’t fit in your everyday carry bag or backpack when you’re on extended trips away from home.

Whatever your reason for extreme power from an everyday carry flashlight has to be, you don’t have to sacrifice that capability to get a light that you can take with you most places. Click the link below and make the Nitecore TM9K a part of your EDC ensemble today.

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