NOMAD Survival Multi-Tool

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Innovation in the multi-tool space seems to be a rarity in recent years. Other than a few exceptions, you know what to expect from your average tool: collapsing stainless steel, a pair of pliers up top, and a standard set of bits and blades tucked away in the multi-tool’s arms. So it’s refreshing to see the NOMAD tool bringing some new ideas to the table.

A complete EDC system in itself, it comes with a complement of survival-oriented tools, including a 10-lumen flashlight, recessed blade, compass, and firestarting ferrocerium rod. Foregoing the usual monochrome livery of its peers, the NOMAD adopts orange accents for high visibility. And its round-edged design offsets its industrial, stainless steel construction, keeping the tool conspicuous but non-threatening. Its removable scraper even serves triple duty with four wrench slots, a flathead driver edge, and an o-ring stabilized bit holder.

It also easily integrates with your EDC thanks to its carabiner and split ring carry options, and keeps a low profile at under 5” in length. The best part is it doesn’t cost much to add the NOMAD to your EDC. Check it out at the Kickstarter campaign below to order yours today.

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