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Many EDC bags take inspiration from the design, toughness, and reliability of military bags. But something ideal for the field isn’t always appropriate for an urban commute or workplace. There are ways to run with tactical bags that are more low-profile, more discreet in looks, and without sacrificing fit, finish, and performance. That’s why bags like NutSac’s TacSac 13 satchel truly shine. It’s a classy leather and waxed-canvas shoulder bag that fits right at home in a casual or professional environment, and sets itself apart with a robust modular carry system that gives tactical bags a run for their money.

The TacSac 13 hides its tactical features inside of a classy shoulder bag featuring an exterior made of traditional waxed canvas trimmed with full-grain leather and brass metal hardware. Its low-profile design extends to its size too: it’s sized for your everyday carry essentials without being conspicuous, and is even available in a smaller 11“ size for an even tighter setup. But flip open the magnetic flap and YKK zippered opening and you’ll discover NutSac built this messenger bag to be unique: with internal MOLLE webbing that makes up their CMC (”Convert. Modify. Carry.“) system. This modular bag system lets you to customize the bag with “mods” which extend its capacity and usability with detachable accessories.

One functional addition to the CMC system is a waxed canvas Admin Pouch, with three stash pockets and a dedicated space to store smaller EDC items like knives, tools, small tech, and other accessories. If you don’t want to take up too much space with bags within bags, you can also opt for the classy leather caddy, which adds organizational (and protective) space for key EDC essentials to the bag without the bulk. NutSac is planning on adding more modular accessories for this bag, including a 13″ laptop sleeve for extra protection while you’re on the go.

Each NutSac bag is hand sewn in the USA, and the beautiful full-grain leather they use throughout their construction comes from a small tannery in New England. The end result is a bag you’ll be proud to have at your side, backed by a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee for satisfaction by its creators. With the NutSac TacSac 13, you can have discreet everyday bag with all the toughness of a tactical heritage. And for a limited time only, make sure to use code EDC2020 and get $10 off your purchase of $100 this holiday season, with free shipping too. Pick up the TacSac 13 at NutSac’s site at the link below.

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