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Running is one of the best ways to get in and to stay in shape this year. But as all EDCers know, there is that small problem of half the day not having enough light to safely navigate your route. And while you may get enough light if you’re lucky enough to be in a safe and populated city, sometimes having your own light is the only way to run. Unlike a general commute, though, where having a handheld light would be ideal, it isn’t as practical when trying to keep your running weight down and focusing on your stride. This makes a headlamp a great option for runners. And thanks to a powerful output, lightweight design, and practical features, Olight’s new Array is a solid partner for going the extra mile.

Unlike larger headlamps, the Array divides its main structure into two main parts: the aluminum alloy module that houses two cool white LEDs able to output up to 400 lumens over 260 feet across 5 modes, and the rear module that houses the Array’s 2000mAh 3.7v LiPo battery. The LED module comes with IPX4-rated waterproofing, and is able to tilt up or down 180 degrees for maximum forward coverage. Switching it on and between modules can be done via the Array’s large side switch that attaches further down the headband.

The battery module is where the Array shines with Olight’s more modern flashlight tech. For starters, it comes with the magnetic charging port that’s become the brand standard for most of their flagship lights. A 2000mAh capacity allows runtime up to 13 hours on the Array‘s 50-lumen lowest mode, which is plenty of light to get you home. As an additional safety feature, the module’s red LED battery indicator also doubles as a blinking taillight, which turns on automatically when the light is in use.

The entire Array system connects to the headband by way of clamping rings, cable clips, and Velcro, and when you’re done with your run, everything packs into an included carrying case for ease of EDC. Light up your run with Olight’s new Array headlamp, available from Amazon at the link below.

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