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While it might not be the first to come to mind when you think of an everyday carry, an ID badge card is absolutely essential for people in a workplace where they need to show credentials. Even if that doesn’t apply to your work situation, the growing use of RFID card access in public transport systems as well as access card entry to apartments and other buildings all point to the need for a better way to carry an ID card. Unfortunately, run-of-the-mill ID lanyards tends to be flimsy, unwieldy to wear, and inconvenient to use. After devising clever ways to carry challenging yet necessary items like your keys and hand sanitizer, Orbitkey designed their new ID Card Holder System as the brand’s next premium, elegant solution for an everyday carry need.

They successfully completed their crowdfunding campaign back in February, and after six months of development and production, the system can soon be in your hands.

The Orbitkey ID Card Holder is built for your convenience and privacy in mind. Its user-friendly design integrates a retractable lanyard that lets you easily extend the card out while ensuring you don’t drop it as you go about your daily business. That clip is also easily reversible, letting you hide the details of your credential from prying eyes when you exit the premises. And for added storage you can pick up the Pro version of the ID Card Holder, giving you an extra RFID protected slot for a payment card.

The Orbitkey ID Card Holder has an understated elegance with its premium leather finish that makes it great for a professional work environment. It’s not industrially-milled metal or made of tactical nylon fabric, too. If you don’t like wearing your ID around your neck, you can detach the lanyard entirely and clip the ID Card Holder to your belt or bag. Either way, it’s built to allow easy RFID access to the data on the chip in your ID card, letting you in and out of buildings, and it will work great with transit and bus cards too. 

Orbitkey is a community-favorite designer and manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering quality, considered goods that make a difference when added to your everyday carry. Their Orbitkey ID Card Holder System is innovative, and worth your attention. And even if you are still working from home, you can pick one of these up to be ready for the new (new) normal once things get back on track for us all. Both models of the system should be available starting October 6th at Orbitkey’s site at the link below.

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