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Whether we like it or not, our smartphones have become one of our most-used everyday carry items. In an effort to stay connected and productive during the pandemic, we’re getting so much screentime it can feel overwhelming. Considering many of us work from home too, it’s especially hard to disconnect from the overstimulation of our devices, slow things down, and be more present. Orijin’s Thinking Egg II was designed for restless minds and fidgety hands to carry around and keep you relaxed and grounded throughout the day.

Measuring 23.3mm by 17mm, this tiny egg is easily pocketable and made from robust, natural materials fit for your EDC. Much like a “worry stone,” there are many ways to interact with the Thinking Egg II. If you just like the aesthetics, you can keep it on your desk as a mental refocusing point when you need to take a break. If you’re more of a fidgeter, you can top it over and watch it get back up again thanks to its carefully balanced design. Or if you’re dealing with a lot of stress, you can rub it between your fingers and appreciate the smooth, tactile sensation on your fingertips.

The Thinking Egg is available in many different “elements”, each with their own material and meaning. First, there’s the “Energy” egg. This egg is made out of Crystal Quartz, weighing in at 10.2g. Once thought to be fossilized ice by ancient scholars, Crystal Quartz is meant to promote positive thought while helping you stabilize your environment. Then there’s the “Courage” egg. Weighing 11.3g and made out of Tiger’s Eye, it’s meant to warn against complacency and encourages to think outside the box. It was used by Egyptians as the eyes of their ancient deities, expressing divine vision. The “Clarity” egg is made out of sandstone, weighing in at 9.7g, sporting a beautiful pattern reminiscent of the night sky. Composed of tiny fragments of stone, it’s said to relieve stress and help with clarity of thought. Finally, there’s the “Refinement” egg, made out of Damascus steel. Thanks to its composition, this is the heaviest ouf of all the eggs at 28g. This hand-crafted steel is meant to inspire strength and resilience.

The Kickstarter has been so successful, that a new element was unlocked for the egg via a stretch goal: “Harmony”. This egg is made out of Jade, a precious gemstone. In some cultures, Jade was actually regarded as more valuable than gold. It’s meant to represent luck, intuition and well-being.

If you’re interested, Orijin offers multiple choices for you to choose from, giving you the flexibility to get exactly the eggs that you want or even multiple sets at a discounted price. If you’re still weary about Kickstarter, Orijin has had two other successful campaigns where they actually delivered ahead of schedule. If the Thinking Egg II sounds like you, you can give it a look at the link below.

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