Our Favorite EDCs from July

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Every day, readers like you from around the world share photos of their everyday carry with us. Only a select few make it to the front page. Each month, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite recent submissions and lay out why we find them so special. This past month, we’ve seen timeless EDCs, slick titanium setups, minimal office essentials, and a handsome photography rig.

Bernard’s Favorite July EDCs

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My Everyday Adventure Setup from Stan Jones/Corrections Corporal/Lincoln, NE

Bernard: It doesn’t look like it at first glance, but this is actually a very well-done minimalist carry. Once you look past the fact there’s some striking camo patterning everywhere and some items are larger than what others would carry, you can really appreciate the work Stan put in to get this streamlined and efficient. For example, I like how balanced and clean his keychain set up is. He went as far as silencing and consolidating his smaller keys, then went with both a one-piece and a traditional butterfly style multitool. Another thing is that all his gear is from reputable brands and they’re some of the best each manufacturer has to offer. Lastly, slapping that great value of a Seiko dive watch onto a camo strap adds some personal style to the carry. 

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Blue Everyday Carry from James Helms/Product Manager/San Diego, CA

Bernard: It’s interesting to see what people carry in different environments for different purposes. Professionals working in an office know they’re better suited refining their EDC to be appropriate for the workplace but also want dependable gear for once they’re off the clock. James’s carry is a good example of achieving that balance — it’s unassuming, professional looking, but nonetheless very capable. Lastly, I liked his decision to customize his kit somewhat with the beautiful deep navy Horween leather watchstrap and opting for the custom Shinola X Benchmade collab of the Valet, which is a super slim EDC to carry in slacks at the office.

Mikey’s Favorite July EDCs

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My general stuff from Thirtyone Trum/Leathersmith/Horsham, UK

Mikey: I really like the well-used and well-loved look of this carry. I like how its components seem specifically chosen to look great after some wear and patina, all of them taking on a classier new look. There’s also a theme of taking classics and mixing them up with modern gear, such as the original Zippo design lighter with the owner’s modern logo, or the pairing of a classic Seiko watch with a strap that’s a product of modern manufacturing quality. The carry as a whole is functionally complete with solid picks from reliable brands, aesthetically attractive, thematically unified, and not afraid of being used nor updated with modern accompaniments. My carry wants to grow up to be this carry.

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My Titanium EDC from Jorge Quintero/Biologist/Colombia

Mikey: This carry really leverages the look and practical benefits of titanium.Despite the chunky look of most of the kit, most of them are a great balance of function and light weight, such as the Oakley sunglasses and the Spyderco dogtag folders. I also like the theme of having not only solid backups and focused tools like the larger Techno and the Vox Access tool, but also ensuring everything is easily on hand with custom lanyards for easier retrieval. As echoed in the comments, the only things I’d add are a similarly chunky-looking watch like the Casio PAW1100T-7V Pathfinder and a wallet like the OBSTRUCTURES A3, both keeping in line with the titanium theme.

Ed’s Favorite July EDCs

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Just The Essentials from Ron Dean/Parts Coordinator/Brampton, Ontario

Ed: The standout piece to me in this EDC is the Boker Cox Slim folder. This blade is the center of attention in this pocket dump, and for good reason. I’m a big fan of Jens Anso’s designs, and this micarta-scaled example is no exception. I love the unique blade shape and finishing of the knife. The Momentum Titan III is a classy and capable timepiece that remains affordable, it fits in perfectly with this carry. The Saddleback Leather wallet is an excellent choice, as the brand has a great reputation and will last a very, very long time. Small details like the copper Zippo, antique coin and piston key ring round out a handsome bunch of essentials. The gentlemanly look and simplicity of this EDC are what made it one of my favorites from this month.

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My EDC, from Sweden from Carl Efvergren/Photographer/Stockholm, Sweden

Ed: This Swedish photographer’s load out was clearly very well thought from a design standpoint. The iPhone, watch, carabiner, Zippo and Leica compliment each other perfectly. I like the black accents that run throughout as well. What stands out to me is the Swatch Blackie. I had no idea this watch even existed, and since seeing it, I’ve been considering picking one up for myself. This month, another EDC with a film camera has made my picks – who could say no to a Leica? It’s clear that this carry covers all the submitter’s basic needs, and manages to do so with unique gear in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What were your favorite posts from July? Whether it’s an EDC from our community, an article, an interview, or maybe even a giveaway, let us know what you enjoyed this past month and what you’d want to see more of in the comments below!

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