Our Favorite EDCs from June

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Every day, readers like you from around the world share photos of their everyday carry with us. Only a select few make it to the front page. Each month, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite recent submissions and lay out why we find them so special.

Bernard’s Favorite June EDCs

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Cobalt Voodoo EDC from CV/Software Designer/NV

Bernard: “Immediately it’s clear this is a carry with a lot of thought put into it by the color scheme (a breath of fresh air from the all-black setups, at that). It’s not a trivial matter to get an EDC this cohesive-looking either. The submitter had to combine parts from different flashlights and probably even had custom work done for their ring and pocketknife clip. Aesthetics aside, the gear itself is well-chosen: I’ve handled the wallet, multitool, knife, and flashlight before and I would wholeheartedly recommend them for EDC. With those essentials as core items, most bases are pretty much covered.”

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My EDC from Pat/IT Specialist/Slovakia

Bernard: “This is a great example of an EDC with a mix of general utility, work-related essentials, and some other pocketable representations of personal hobbies. The two standout EDC items would be the Damasko flieger and the Chris Reeve knife, which are excellent choices in their respective classes. But I also appreciate the audiophile gear shown in the Klipsch earbuds and dedicated hi-fi digital audio player. It might not be clear at first, but when you consider how we use our EDC items get the job done in the best way possible, it makes sense to carry a means to play music at its finest if it’s something you love and listen to every day. My only suggestion would be some kind of cable manager to protect those earbuds (a black leather Cord Taco would look great here).”

Mikey’s Favorite June EDCs

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EDC No. 5 Brass Accents from JDS/Engineer/KY

Mikey: “Vintage military is always a good look and this kit has all its bases covered with some solid lightweight pieces. I like the clean white handkerchief that not only fits thematically with the decorum but is also useful for general hygiene. That red cap on the Sharpie is also a popping accent and useful for easy location amidst the monochrome. In keeping with the military theme, I would offer to rotate a Zebralight SC52, whose unique styling would fit right at home in this carry as well as give it one of the best AA flashlights on the market. A Distil Union Wally bifold wallet would also keep in theme and add another striking red accent to the ensemble.”

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June 2015 EDC from Mike/Media and Communication/DE

Mikey: “Very solid carry with an excellent use of orange accents to keep things interesting and visible in dark environments. I like the clever use of a DIY shackle for the keychain and leather cover to protect the notebook from wear and tear. I’d love to see more quality orange pieces to fit the carry: the second-generation Seiko Orange Monster would add a mechanical flavor to one’s wrist, and while it doesn’t have the same wharncliffe blade, an orange Benchmade Griptilian would also be a matching rotation along with the well-loved one here.”

Ed’s Favorite June EDCs

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Black and Silver Things from Jimmy Liu/Technical Writer/CA

Ed: “I really like that their carry is comprised of affordable, yet capable choices. The black and silver theme is classy and refined, yet nothing looks overly delicate/unused. The Seiko is a great choice for an automatic watch that won’t break the bank. Everything here looks efficient and carried with purpose. When all the pages in the Moleskine are used up, I’d suggest checking out a Rhodia Webnotebook, it’s similar in size and appearance but the paper inside is much higher quality than that in the Moleskine. Great carry!”

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My Everyday Carry from Marty Bell/Business Owner/UK

Ed: “I’m extremely jealous of the Contax G2, I’ve been eyeing them for some time now. This carry combines both analog (film camera, Rhoda notebook) and digital (Macbook, noise canceling headphones) in a unique way that rounds out the carry quite well. The impossibly thin Macbook Air is great for on-the-go work, especially in the 11” size. I’m a big fan of the small Rhodia Webnotebooks, they’re just the right size and the hardcover makes them nice and durable. Any time a notebook is submitted, I always like to see what pen is being carried with it (a titanium Tactile Turn Mover would fit in perfectly here). The analog film nerd inside me is also curious about what film is loaded in the camera!”

What were your favorite posts from June? Whether it’s an EDC from our community, an article, an interview, or maybe even a giveaway, let us know what you enjoyed this past month and what you’d want to see more of in the comments below!

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