Our Favorite EDCs from October

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Every day, readers like you from around the world share photos of their everyday carry with us. Only a select few make it to the front page. Each month, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite recent submissions and lay out why we find them so special. This past month, we’ve seen setups with traditional gear, carries focused on a single material theme, and well-executed essentials for travel and the outdoors worth giving a second look.

Bernard’s Favorite EDCs

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Female Solo Travel to Asia from JB, a Bartender in Portland

This submission from Jennelle isn’t what most would expect a typical EDC to look like. It’s a bit of a bigger load with more emphasis on travel and outdoors necessities. But even though she’s packing a lot, what’s impressive is that each item in her carry is well-considered and really dialed in for her needs traveling alone in the Philippines and South Korea. Not only does every item she’s bringing have a specific purpose, but the items themselves are high quality. It’s one of those kits that clearly shows a lot of thought was put into it, and I’m always a fan of a setup that shows how you carry smarter. You can check out her thought process for assembling the EDC, how she carries it, and other small but important details she covers in her original submission.

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Everyday Carry from the Outdoors Aesthetics EIC in Berlin

I love this editor’s carry because they’ve taken a concept you don’t see too often—a hybrid outdoors/urban carry—and execute it with beautiful results. Each item here can actually perform out in the field or on the trail, but as an entire setup it’s cohesive and would blend in for daily city use as well. Other outdoor EDCs might rely on colorways like hunter orange and ranger green, but keeping a monochrome EDC like this gives it that understated anti-bling effect. Also, some outdoors kits can understandably be quite expansive, but this EDC is streamlined enough to fit completely inside that travel wallet in the bottom right corner. It’s a sleek and efficient carry that nails its concept.

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Ed’s Favorite EDCs

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Current carry from M. Hunke, a Shop Supervisor in Georgia

I tend to gravitate towards EDCs that are well thought out and budget conscious. Sure, it was great to get my first $150+ knife, but it took quite a while to get there. This set of essentials covers all of the bases while maintaining functionality at a lower price point. The Timex Expedition watches are an incredible value – they look great, wear comfortably, and feature a reliable quartz mechanism. The Gerber Dime multitool, Shard for the keychain, and small folding knife should be able to handle just about any everyday task. I always appreciate seeing a pen and notebook as well. What I found to be really cool about this submission is that this is a pocket-only carry, meaning everything here rides comfortably in pockets with no need to load up a bag. Great carry!

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Carbon EDC from Micah, a Software Engineer in Seattle

There’s a soft spot in my heart for all-black-everything, and even better when there’s a pop of carbon fiber. Micah really did an excellent job of following a theme, there are several premium carbon fiber items, perfectly complimented by black leather. The Spyderco Dice is an excellent flipper that is just about the perfect size for EDC. The key setup is minimal, yet capable, featuring a small carbon fiber multitool. The only thing that I can see fitting in here is a flashlight, maybe something streamlined like the Satin Ti/Black Foursevens Preon 2. If you’ve been looking to assemble an EDC that follows a color/material theme, take notes on this one!

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Mikey’s Favorite EDCs

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Traditional & Modern Carry by Ron, a Parts Coordinator in Canada

As the submitter describes, this carry features some solid picks from both classic and modern camps, and it’s clear that the owner knows and wants quality regardless of which side it falls on. It’s hard to find fault with such timeless picks as a Saddleback bifold or stainless steel Zippo, and adding a dive watch and knife with current materials and manufacturing just improves the kit’s functionality and quality all around. Including interesting items like the traditional folder, coin, and ring also gives the carry personality and make for good conversation pieces.

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Everyday Carry from Mike, a Logistics Shift Lead in California

Let’s get it out of the way—it’s hard not to drool at what many consider to be “grail” EDC items in this enviable carry. Sebenza? Check. Haiku? Check. Sinn? Check, check, check. That said, nothing beats gear tailored to one’s needs and personality even at the high end, exemplified here with the Skinth pocket sheath, watch strap, and the custom pieces like the bladeless Swiss Army Knife and Nakaya fountain pen. Best of all is the monochrome matching of all the gear; the submitter definitely had an ideal carry in mind and executed it beautifully.

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What were your favorite posts from October? Whether it’s an EDC from our community, a new product announcement, or a buying guide, let us know what you enjoyed this past month and what you’d want to see more of in the comments below!

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