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Let’s face it: even if your wallet’s made from the hide of the finest cattle or from the rarest exotic metal on the planet, it doesn’t mean a thing if your cards and cash aren’t protected. Rain, dust, dropping your wallet into a puddle of mud—the horrible possibilities are endless. If you often find yourself in situations where your essentials could take a beating, then what you need is a wallet that can beat right back, like Pelican’s incredibly rugged Sport Wallet.

Yes, Pelican—the same brand that makes the indestructible padded cases and flashlights you’re familiar with. The Sport Wallet is designed to be rigid, crushproof, and at just 0.85” thin, EDC-friendly. That’s good news for your currency and smaller essentials that need the extra protection like a first aid kit or extra SD cards. You can organize it all using the wallet’s pair of mesh pockets, securing your belongings while still making them easy to retrieve.

Like most Pelican cases, the Sport Wallet latches shut and secures with an IP 54 rating, meaning its contents are safe from sweat or spray. No need to move all your stuff to a dry bag or leave anything at home when you’re out and about. And while the Sport Wallet can slip into your pockets, an included lanyard gives you additional options for everyday carry.

Don’t wait for close encounters of the damaging kind when it comes to your wallet and its contents. Pick up Pelican’s Sport Wallet from the Amazon link below.

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