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For many people, the start and end of a wallet search is a the quick trip to the department store and finding the right size of leather billfold to fit their pocketful of cards and cash. But for the material wizards at Pioneer, a wallet can be as robust and cutting-edge as the rest of your modern EDC. They’re known best for taking simple card carriers and billfolds to the next level with advanced construction and fabrics, continuing the trend with their latest collection. Sporting bold new colors to match their flagship wallet’s performance, their new Division 3PN (3-ply nylon) wallets offer a state-of-the-art solution for your everyday cash and card carrying needs.

If you’ve owned a Pioneer wallet before, you may be familiar with the high-tech 10XD fabric used in most of their wallets. It has fibers 10 times stronger than steel by weight, totally waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, and uniquely grippy thanks to its densely woven nylon ripstop exterior. But as good as 10XD is, it has its limitations—ones that 3PN aims to solve. 3PN is an ultra-dense 3-ply nylon ripstop that comes in a beautiful matte finish and offers a more tactile handfeel. And beauty is a key word here—it allows for new colors like the new Navy and Earth colorways to be used for your wallet, in a slim, water-resistant, machine wash-safe package.

The Division wallet carries up to 12 cards along with a bill compartment for your cash, divided into 6 main card slots on the inner panels with 2 internal slots for business cards. It’s their highest-capacity wallet with the most features, and the closest thing to the timeless leather bifold in aesthetic. But make no mistake, its modern materials and construction keep it looking new and performing as well as the day it comes out of the box.

Check out the Division in all its colorways in both 10XD and 3PN at the link below, and be sure to also check out the smaller-profile Flyfold model in Sage 3PN, currently on sale with a big discount.

Check Out The Division

Check Out The Flyfold

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