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My Everyday Carry


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submitted by Rawls

This is my office/suit carry. 

Moleskine Weekly Calendar
Retro 51 Tornado Elite (with blue ink)
Muyshondt Aeon Black HA
Spyderco Dragonfly PE FRN (never carried into court)
iPhone 3GS with super thin case (with the awesome and free Fastcase App for finding case law and statutes on the go)

The iPhone eliminates the need for me to carry law books into court anymore, which is really staggering given where the profession was a 100 years ago (with barrister’s book cases).  All I carry now are my client’s case files.

I realized a while ago that I never REALLY need more than a small knife and a super light Dragonfly is just the ticket (I would love a CF Dragonfly, almost as light, but a bit higher class, but they are impossible to find).

The Retro 51 is a nice pen, but not so nice I would be sad if it got damaged or lost.  There is really no rational reason to use black ink over blue ink, as blue ink allows you to distinguish between copies and originals (very important for submitting briefs and pleadings to the court, originals only).

The Muyshondt Aeon is one of the best lights I have ever seen or owned.  Dead simple interface, good tint, good low and stunning high, all with staggering run times.  Worth every penny.

All of this resides in my favorite bag a Tumi Alpha Expandable Laptop Briefcase.

Now if the Muyshondt had a nickel silver heat sink instead of a brass one, the black and silver motif would be complete.

Editor’s Note: Very well thought out and coherent carry you have there… Nice to hear a little of the thought process behind a combination of gear for a specific purpose, so thanks for writing your opinions on that.

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