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submitted by PiterM

Just my recent weekend EDC:
- Emerson CQC7 (with custom backspacer)
- Fellhoelter folder-bottle opener (for fine cutting tasks)
- Atwood PryBaby tool (with Strider pivot key)
- Ti folding spork
- BIC lighter
- G-Shock
- iPhone (doubles as emergency flashlight)
- Spartan pen (impact device)
- Field Notes
- refreshment mini-towel
- BUSHIDO pendant
- GF1 camera with 14/2.5 lens (very handy and gives MUCH better image quality than ANY compact camera, especially in low-light. And still small enough for EDC)

Editor’s Note: Nice loadout as always, Piter. I especially like the spork and friction folder/bottle opener as I don’t see those very often, very cool! Even though this loadout might look a little on the heavy side it still remains coherent set of tools for a relaxing weekend outside or something. I also forgot how good a simple G-Shock can be for an EDC watch, I might have to pick one up soon. Thanks for sharing.

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