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submitted by edumerca

I wanted to share my new EDC light, the Klarus mi x6 Ti, it’s a titanium AAA flashlight, and so far I really like it, is nicely machined and it really does operate with one hand, I’ve had other twist activation flashlights like the Fenix Ld01 and I couldn’t twist it one handed.

The knife is a Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21.

Editor’s Note: Congrats on the new light. It’s good to hear that it operates easily single-handedly, as many 1xAAA lights I’ve used were a bit finicky in activation (mode skipping and such). It’s even more impressive that it’s smooth despite a titanium construction. Looks like a good addition to a minimal carry, especially paired with a Small Seb. Thanks for sharing and carry them well.

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