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iPhone 4 16GB w/ Incipio NGP Matte (best case I’ve tried);
Generic leather wallet;
Victorinox Cybertool 34;
Romisen RC-N3 II Q5 (soon to be replaced by a Quark MiNiX 123);
Sandisk Cruzer 8GB (what can I say about this one?).

Actually, my EDC serves me well. This SAK is a little bulky to be carried in my pocket. A knife (a Spyderco, perhaps) would do a better job, since that’s the only reason I carry my Cybertool around.

I need a new wallet too. The simpler, the better. 

Discovered this blog a week ago. Since then, it’s my everyday blog. :)

Editor’s Note: Nice carry. I hope you can manage the switch (no pun ohoho) from a clicky light to a twisty. I personally would rather have a clicky light to be my primary… As for the search for the perfect minimalist wallet — I’ve yet to come across something I absolutely love, sorry :<. Thanks for the submission and your support!

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