My Everyday Carry


Victorinox SuperTinker on an x-kaijin-x fishhook (Thanks, sumi!)
Zebra Sharbo LT3
Al Mar Falcon Classic Talon
Corter Slim Wallet
Superiortitanium Black Diamond Moneyclip
Corter Slim iPhone Sleeve
pinoysteel Balicomb in Kamagong / Stainless (Thanks, Jay!)
The Hillside Selvedge Chambray Handkerchief
Seiko SRP027K
4sevens Quark 123 R5 Titanium
Zissou Model 01 Leather Keychain (Thanks, Mark!)
4sevens Quark Mini CR2 Neutral White
Victorinox Manager

Editor’s Note: This is an atypically ‘heavy’ load out. I just felt like showing some things off :3. I could probably carry all this, but realistically I’d leave out one of the larger knives, either the wallet or the moneyclip and consolidate cash+cards, the pen, and the comb. The core of my carry is a folding knife, a clicky light, my keychain, wallet, phone, watch, and handkerchief.

In the meantime, I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me this past year. Cheers!

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