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I Love checking up on your site and browsing peoples gadgets, carries, and customizations. Here is what I carry around on a daily basis.

-Black Leather Wallet
-Car/Home key and standard bottle opener on a carabiner-type loop
-Oakley Probation sunglasses
-Cruizer 8g flash drive
-Blomus stainless business card case
-Gerber Remix knife
-Moleskine plain sketch book
-2011 year planner
-Pilot fine liner pens
-Monarchy Watch

What do you think I am missing?

Editor’s Note: I don’t think you have enough notebooks… Joking aside, if you want to add more utility to your carry, consider replacing your bottle opener with a multitool that has a bottle opener function. I would also recommend a flashlight for your keys, it looks like you can spare some room on there. It might come in handy if you ever have to go through your notebooks in insufficient light or something.

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