My Everyday Carry


submitted by Nick McBride

Just wanted to thank you for the great blog. This is my primary EDC and allows me to add a larger blade and light if needed. I really prefer the minimalist approach to my gear and only carrying what will be needed so this set up was perfect for me.

Hand Modded Maxpedition Micro Wallet
Victorinox SD
Countycomm phillips and flat head key set
Countycomm Micro Widgy Bar
Pico Pen Mounted on the inside of the wallet.

Editor’s Note: Wow, super ultralight minimalism here… The only thing I would recommend is add some sort of emergency illumination — I’m thinking if you fit in a Victorinox Swisscard Lite you’d have a little LED, or swap the Classic SD for a Midnite Manager or a similar 58mm LED equipped SAK. Interesting concept nonetheless, thanks for sharing this mod.

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