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Here is my off-duty (unarmed) EDC pocket carry “lite”.  I’m all about getting the most for your hard earned ca$h.  If a tool does the job for the money, it’s a smart buy.

  • NEBO NU10L flashlight
  • Sanrenmu 763 knife
  • Paracord bracelet
  • Gerber Shard / Victorinox Classic
  • Invicta Pro-diver automatic watch
  • Personal keys
  • Cordura front-pocket wallet (forgot the brand)
  • Nextel cell phone (work)

I change up my EDC often, I just got this flashlight and knife.  Unbelievable value, as is the Invicta…this is the bare minimum I’ll carry.

Editor’s Note: Your carry looks fine as far as its function, but if I may offer my opinion about gear and ‘value’… Some tools can ‘do the job for the money’ but more often than not, those budget tools will fail sooner or later. If I were to invest in something that I’d carry everyday that could potentially save my life, I wouldn’t mind paying more for reliability and durability. Buy cheap and buy twice… But anyway, thanks for sharing!

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