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  • Leather iPhone 4 case and wallet.
  • 4Sevens quark MiNi AA squared R5. 
  • Seiko Dive Watch (SKA413)
  • Seiko Diver Watch (SRP043K2)
  • Victorinox Pioneer (black alox scales).
  • submitted by gary

    Great website.. I’ve learned from looking at others posts. I only carry 1 of each item, but decided to show alternates/backups. 

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the kind words, Gary. I’m glad you’ve learned a thing or two from the site. It’s interesting to see the “two is one, one is none” adage taken quite literally here, but I do agree it’s worth investing in backups especially if the gear is affordable and works really well for you, like these items here. I’ve always been a fan of the Quark MiNi paired with some kind of Swiss Army Knife for an affordable, versatile and minimalist EDC option, and I think Seiko makes some great affordable watches for EDC as well, so I’m glad to see those in your rotation. Despite owning backups for your core EDC I find it interesting that you don’t carry backup tools on your keychain for added redundancy, but that also contributes to streamline your carry overall (as does the wallet/phone case combination). Thanks for sharing!

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