My Everyday Carry


submitted by gaws

Quick pocket dump for the day ahead. 

  • Blackberry Curve 
  • Ipod Classic
  • Retrosuperfuture Classic sunglasses
  • Prayer bead bracelets
  • Empty space for where my Al Mar Classic Talon would be if I could find it
  • Keys
  • Seinheiser earbuds
  • Kodak Portra 400nc (x2)
  • Pen 
  • Field Notes
  • Comme Des Garcon wallet
  • Pentax Spotmatic II (1982)


Editor’s Note: maleblogger essentials I hope you find that Al Mar soon, man… The thing about those classic knives is they don’t have pocket clips to keep them in one place. If you do find it, try putting a lanyard on it — maybe even one with a clip to attach to your belt loop for extra security or something. Hope that helps… Thanks for sharing~

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