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I only got into EDC earlier this year, so amongst my RSS feeds, your blog is one that I’m always excited about seeing a new post.

Here’s my EDC (student/urban/photog).

I’ll start with the stuff on the left, which are mostly for when I’m traveling/working and have my backpack or camera bag:

  • 27 oz Kleen Kanteen w/ Sport Cap, LL Bean cozy, and size #4 black S-biner
  • Moleskin sketchbook (small) for drawings and notes, size 02 Sakura Micron Pigma
  • Film SLR Minolta or DSLR (Canon 1D used to take this picture)
  • Looking at adding: a small FAK (altoid tin?), Fenix LD20, Leatherman Wave or Surge

The right side is what I always carry in my pockets:

  • Prototype Motorola phone
  • Moneyclip
  • Spyderco Dragonfly 2 - live in Chicago so I carry a <2.5” folder. Want to add a few more folders to make a rotation
  • IMCO Super Triplex 6700
  • Chapstick (Blue)
  • Keychain (SS S-biner #2 w/ cable housing to lock the crappy gates):
    • TEC P-7 Suspension Clip - Hate bunching in my pockets
    • House Keys - Thinking of using a bow shackle to hold em closer together
    • Fenix LD-01 R4
    • Leatherman Style CS modded to be bladeless (only pliers/file/scissors) - haven’t flown yet so I haven’t seen if the TSA will freak out about it yet
    • Sandisk Cruzer 8GB

Putting together my setup has been oddly addictive, and I’m always looking for new/better gear. I was never a boy scout growing up but I love being prepared, which is why I guess EDC has become a strange new hobby.

Thanks again for your blog and let me know what you think about my setup / any suggestions!


Editor’s Note: Hey Dean, thanks for the support. I think your carry is well-thought out and it shows. Adding a full-sized multitool, 2-cell flashlight and a FAK is definitely a good idea for bag carry. You’d have a miniature toolbox, a long-lasting source of illumination and some bandaids and assorted medicines handy. Your keychain is nicely set up as well — I think a lot of people overlook the keychain. It’s a great platform for adding miscellaneous utility and backup options in the smallest possible package. The P7, gate cordage and bladeless mod are nice touches. Lastly, I think the Dfly 2 is a great EDC blade on the smaller side of the spectrum, so I’d prioritize completing your bag carry before upgrading it. Hope that helps!

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