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This is my standard workday carry. Sometimes I swap one thing for another, but this is the default configuration.

Normally I like to tinker with things, but the only piece here that I have messed with is the Preon. I used a scotchbrite pad to give the head and body a “brushed” look and I really like the way it turned out. Hard to capture in photos, but it gives it a satiny irridescent look.

I probably could pocket a Griptillian or something at my office, but I don’t really want to see how that is received. The little 2.5 is fine for anything I’d need to do from my desk chair and is unnoticeable in jeans or slacks, even with the little leather sheath.

Otherwise, love the site, check it obsessively. Thanks for running this site and representing the EDC community.

Editor’s Note: Sleek, elegant and sensible office carry here. The brushed finish Preon looks great, especially with the rest of your gear. I like your choices of gear for this purpose — small, easily pocketable, non-threatening but totally capable for a work setting like an office. I agree about picking the little nail-knick lockback over something like a Benchmade, especially if you personally feel comfortable and confident it can manage your cutting needs. Lastly, I’ve been looking for a slim, pocketable fountain pen for EDC. That Ohto looks great. Thanks for sharing and sorry if you’ve been obsessively checking the past week, I got swamped with midterms ~_~.

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