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submitted by John Spain

First and most importantly: this site is amazing.  it’s given me a lot of interesting ideas for how to spend my 30th birthday money.  

I recently spent 2 years spent coordinating volunteers and teaching at a non-profit that brings sailing to the disadvantaged and those with disabilities.  I recently moved to NYC and carried over as much as I could from my experiences there.  

From left to right:
- iPhone 3GS in Switcheasy case (white makes it easier to find if dropped)
- Coach small wallet (gift)
- Canon S90 (best compact camera I’ve ever used)
- Leatherman Skeletool CX (not carried on-person since the move)
- Timex Camper (best watch $20 can buy.  I’ve been trying to break this thing since the day I got it and haven’t been able to)
- Keys.  The carabiner used to be black and say MARINES on it.  That’s how long it’s been in my pocket.  
- Snow Peak titanium flask (Also a gift. I don’t drink good enough booze to justify buying a $100+ flask)
- Felt tip pens, rotating colors & line widths
- Moleskine Cahier, Extra Large, Plain Sheets

To be added:

- A mechanical Seiko.  Currently deciding between the 38mm army models and a mid-size diver like the SKX013 (I have small wrists).  
- A proper first aid kit
- A flashlight, although I keep either losing them or buying knockoffs that don’t work well so I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do.  I can’t justify spending over $20 on something I’ll more than likely misplace, but spending under $20 is just a crapshoot.  

Editor’s Note: Cool stuff, just wondering — do you really carry alcohol in the flask? I was gifted a flask for my 21st recently but I can’t find a use for it (yet…) As for your prospective additions: I like Seikos a lot too (fyi the SKX013 is automatic) and have small wrists, I was looking into the SNZF29 if you’re into that style of diver. First aid kit shouldn’t be too hard to assemble, just make sure you know what to do with each piece in the kit. Lots of EDCers can fashion a kit into a little candy tin box thing (think Altoids). For your flashlight, honestly I would invest more than $20. I think people tend to misplace cheaper things, but if you invest in a nice quality light you’ll probably pay more attention to it and would be less likely to lose it. Use a pocket clip and maybe throw on a paracord lanyard in a highly visible color or some kind of luminescent marker and it’ll be hard to lose. Hope that helps and good luck!

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