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submitted by Edvin Sjöberg

Hello and greetings from Sweden!

I just found your blog and the whole concept of Everyday Carry, fascinating! I’m just finishing my Bachelor of Industrial Design here in Sweden and it is really nice to see the process people have chosen their attires. 

Here is my EDC. No flashlight in this picture because it’s in my coat, I don’t wear it in my blazer.

  • Motorola Milestone
  • V-Moda Vibe Duo
  • Schnauzer Treats
  • Keys with small LED
  • Wedding ring
  • Glasses
  • Marina homage from Jackson TSE on leather strap
  • Kingston 32 GB (portable software and all CAID-files)
  • Moleskin and some markers
  • Small exactoknife
  • Wallet
  • Sanrenmu 704 (great small and cheap knife)

Thanks for a great read!

Editor’s Note: I had a feeling from the dedicated USB lanyard, the Moleskine and variety of pens and markers that you’d be some kind of designer, so your choices in carry options make perfect sense. I’d like some more info on your small exactoknife too! The SRM 704 at around $10 and 2.5” looks like a good knife for people who want to start carrying one but aren’t ready to drop a lot of money on the ‘brand name’ models. You’ve introduced me to some interesting gear, so thanks for sharing!

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