My Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: This is a nice, cohesive carry that covers many bases by including staple EDC items without adding much extraneous bulk. Aside from the phone, wallet, and keys, you have dedicated tools in your watch, flashlight, pen, and folding knife. Fenix and Spyderco and these particular models, the LD10 and Tenacious are good quality, affordable workhorses for the average EDCer. The Swisscard is an interesting multitool and good to have for people who don’t need extremely heavy duty tools as they’re all fairly small, making them slightly harder to use and relatively less durable. I also like your paracord lanyard to secure your keys and facilitate retrieval. If you wanted to make a few changes, I could see an upgrade to your carabiner, perhaps something with a built in bottle opener to slim down the carry, and then opt for a metal body pen if you want more durability. Thanks for sharing!

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