My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Software Engineer/Boston.
I carry most of these in or attached to my bag that I commute to work with.  This involves a short drive and a 30 minute ride on the commuter rail into Boston.  The only things that stay in my pockets all the time throughout the day is the iPhone and wallet.  The sunglasses lenses are from a pair of Oakley square wire’s I bought in 2000.  The lenses in my wife’s square wires were ruined so I swapped my lenses into her frames, which worked out great because these ones have spring hinges and mine did not.  They are way more comfortable.  I really like the My Walit wallet.  It’s way thinner than a normal tri or bi fold but still holds all I need it to.  The SAK Rally is a bit beat up.  It’s missing the toothpick and the emblem fell off but it has been attached to my keychain in one way or another for the last 15 years.  The Pico usb drive is only 4GB but with all the ways to transfer files these days it’s sufficient for when I really have no other way to share a file. The Quark QPA is pretty new. I’m still waiting for the 14500 lithium battery and charger to arrive in the mail.  Also fun fact about Burt’s Bees:  I actually grew up near Burt and have childhood memories of seeing him drive past my house in his beat up yellow truck on his way into town.  He still lives in Maine in a turkey coop he converted into a house.

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