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Profession: Advertising Creative Director / The Netherlands
I’m heavily influenced by what I see from other EDC’s on here. I like my gadgets and tools. Each serve so many different purposes.My kit is made up of ‘professional items’ for my trade: iPad, phones, camera, note taking things etc plus other tools that I know willbe of use in any given situation: Leatherman’s, knives, flashlight.I’m very happy with my Cocoon Grid-It & Victorinox Overnight Kit Bag. It fits all of my tools together, allowing me to transfer everything from one bag to another, should I need to.

Editor’s Note: Wow, impressive loadout. Your carry is very refined, and it clearly shows you’ve put a lot of thought into every one of your pieces. You take extra measures to both organize and protect your gear, which is good for both retrieval and longterm durability. The “Grid-It” and Victorinox bag especially are an interesting and seemingly successful pairing that I wanted to highlight as well. One advantage of something like this that you mentioned is having versatility and modularity, being able to transfer them easily into other bags should you need to. The rest of your items work very coherently together and nothing seems extraneous or out of place really. Awesome job, thanks for sharing!

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Sam Peterson ·
Love the S100. I don't carry my PnS around any longer but maybe I should rethink that decision.
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