My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
I’m an artist. Lived all over, moving to the Pacific NW.

Editor’s Note: I immediately appreciate the wear and patina on your EDC — it’s good to see tools being not only carried, but also used! Overall your carry seems pretty streamlined, with the majority of your tools delegated to keychain duty. While a large carabiner like that might be a bit on the clunky side, you have done a good job of choosing smaller pieces of gear for utility, in the Utilikey, Streamlight Nano, etc, as well as separating keys from tools. My recommendation would be to exercise caution with your mechanical pencil being carried, as it has an exposed tip that could bend in your pocket. There are pricier alternatives, for example, a Rotring 800, that have retractable tips to carry better in pocket. Unfortunately they don’t come in 0.9mm! If you can afford the pocket space, I think a small pocket notebook would serve you well as an artist too, just to have a quick place to jot down ideas or inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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