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Gear Watch #9

Bernard Capulong

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Gear Watch #9

This week, we look at the upcoming Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point fountain pen, the Field Notes “Shelterwood” Edition notebook, and Spyderco Rubicon.

Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point Fountain Pens

Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pens

If you need to handwrite a lot of notes or you merely enjoy writing, a fountain pen is an invaluable tool. Writing for hours on end with a ballpoint pen can give you something like a harpy’s talon. With fountain pens, much less downward pressure is required to write – resulting in comfortable writing and improved penmanship. However, most fountain pens require a cap, as their design doesn’t lend itself to retracting tips. A cap is another loose part to break or lose, and doing so renders a fountain pen practically useless, as it can no longer be stored or carried. The Pilot Vanishing Point is a good option for a retractable fountain pen among the few pens of this design. Both aesthetically and functionally, it’s first-rate. Fortunately, Pilot has announced that they’re adding to their classy Vanishing Point line with new metallic-bodied pens in various colors, soon to be available this May for a street price of around $150. If the metallic colors are not your style, the original Vanishing Point models are available now, linked below.

BUY ($150)

Field Notes “Shelterwood” Edition Notebook

Shelterwood Field Notes

As popular as the standard Field Notes notebooks are, the COLORS varieties get even more attention due to their unique, thematic covers, different paper, and special line/grid patterns. The most recent addition to this line up is the Shelterwood Edition notebooks. The standout feature of the Shelterwood Edition is its unique wood cover, formed using veneer technology to take extra thin shavings of Cherry and bonding them to green kraft paper backing. The resulting cover beautifully showcases the flame and cathedral grain patterns that make cherry so sought after in furniture making. Behind the cover, Finch Fine Soft White 70# paper ruled with Maidenhair Green lines rounds out the woodland aesthetic. The notebooks are available in 3-packs at Field Notes, linked below.

BUY ($10)

Spyderco Rubicon

Spyderco Rubicon

It’s not often that Spyderco produces a flipper. In fact, only four such knives exist in their production history. Naturally, this prototype flipper from Spyderco revealed at a recent IWA show generated much excitement. The upcoming flipper, named the Rubicon, is a collaboration with custom knifemaker Pete Carey. It features a striking black and orange motif on convex carbon fiber handle scales, a beautiful custom pivot and pocket clip. It uses S30V steel on its gorgeous 2.95” blade, guaranteeing great edge retention and stain resistance. The knife is being made in Taichung Taiwan, which is basically the best production facility in the world. This looks like a winner. The Rubicon will probably be released within the next 12 months, given Spyderco’s normal pace with production prototypes.

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