My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
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So our EDC includes our wooden Beard Combs that we hand-craft here at Big Red Beard Combs. The furthest to the left is a Cherry No.7 and beside that is a Cherry No.3. In the upper right hand corner we have our folding comb, the Double Deuce, No.22. We also have a pair of wooden sunglasses which I also made (but don’t sell) for myself. To the right of the glasses I have my trusty Kershaw knife which I carry on me pretty much all the time. I use it a lot when I hike, to split kindling for our bonfires in our Biolite campstove. Beside that, I often take a small LED flashlight and I always have my mechanical pencil on me for writing down measurements in the shop. Last but not least, my pocket sliding square keeps projects accurate, helps set up machinery and layouts. Thanks guys, looking forward to hopefully seeing the post up! Cheers

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