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My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Graphic Designer and Animator in Denmark

I would love to carry some awesome Leatherman multitool, sport a strong beautiful knife/machete/saber/claymore. The truth is though, that I don’t really need it. Living, working and doing sports in Denmark, doesn’t really require any of those tools! Furthermore we have quite strict blade restriction in Denmark, so no blade longer than 7cm/2.7inches is allowed.The Backpack may seem a little superfluous, but in the spring 2015 I aim to walk the camino - the whole 800km/500miles, and that requires a great backpack.
The Palomino sketchbook, the Midori notebook and the Surface Pro are a perfect combination for when I attend conferences (Reasons to be Creative, Brighton, 2014 anyone?), inspirational trips etc. They’re lightweight and sufficient to all my needs.

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