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Some new items to the pocket family:

  • CZ-75 D Compact 9mm
  • Klarus NT20 2xCR123 light.

The Griptilian isn’t new, but it has a permanent spot in the jean pocket.  The Klarus is really nice.  Really solid build, the UI is straight forward, and I really dig the side button.  The NT20 has a variable strobe, which is a nice feature, as it seems to add a bit more confusion at the target.  From what I understand, my boss told me that one of the head guys from Fenix left to start Klarus, which I can see in the quality, seeing that we never get returns.  The CZ is just a tank of a gun.

Editor’s Note: I’d been wondering about the Klarus line, thanks for the info. Looks like a good tactical setup, hopefully you’ll never be in a bind to have to use it… Thanks for sharing.

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