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Distil Union Wally Bifold Wallet Review

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Bernard Capulong
Distil Union Wally Bifold Wallet Review

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When it comes to most wallets, what you see is what you get — minimalist wallets often emphasize form over function and traditional wallets get bulky and boring. The Wally Bifold from Distil Union, on the other hand, puts its own spin on the traditional bifold form factor with its interesting, minimalist operation. Read more for my full review of the Wally Bifold wallet and for your chance to win one courtesy of Distil Union.

Upon first glance, the unassuming Wally Bifold could easily be dismissed as another boring, leather wallet. A closer look at its curious ribbon pull-tabs and shiny metal clip peeking out from within would tip you off that this isn’t like most wallets you’ve seen. It most resembles the Wally Stick-On wallet that we reviewed previously: the two halves of the wallet function like vertical versions of the Stick-On’s ribbon and pocket system, holding up to 12 cards. Internally, a metal moneyclip holds cash in place. What’s interesting is that the Wally really embraces the “traditional” bifold form factor, at least externally. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Minimal wallets are all the rage as of late, but in pursuing extreme minimalism, so many of them miss the mark and completely lose that intuitive, familiar gesture of actually opening a wallet to grab some cash, then shoving it back into a pocket comfortably, and without worry of anything getting scratched. With the Wally Bifold, that feeling remains intact. While it isn’t constructed from the most luxurious leather out there, it’s well-made, comfortable in hand and in the pocket, and ages beautifully with use without getting worn out. I can’t ask for much more than that. One minor change that could make the wallet seem more luxurious would be to make the ribbon tabs out of leather instead, with some nice metal hardware to match the clip.

Using the Wally Bifold, I get the benefits of having that familiar leather wallet feeling, but elevated with its interesting operation. Most of the time when I use the bifold, I don’t ever actually open it — pulling the ribbon tabs lets me access my cards without having to open my wallet up and reveal how much or how little cash I have inside. Using the tabs is satisfying, intuitive and simple, as is storing cards when I’m done with them. It works how I expect, and I really appreciate the lack of a steep learning curve with this wallet. But its simplicity and convenience do have its drawbacks: when holding the wallet upside down and shaking it, the open pockets let cards fall out. Granted this never happened to me in practice, it’s worth noting if card retention is especially important to you. Considering the leather can stretch over time, I think the wallet could be improved by making the pockets a bit more snug, which would slim down the wallet’s footprint overall.

But for me, the real test of a worthy EDC wallet is how it performs at the register. With the Wally, I can easily recognize and pull a color-coded tab for the card of choice, pay, and slip it back into the wallet without fighting zippers, rubber bands, flaps, or buttons. Paying with cash, and more importantly, putting away my change in small bills, is a breeze. That’s where I think the Wally Bifold edges out so many minimalist wallets on the market: I don’t feel limited in how much cash or change I choose to carry, and I am never slowed down by needing to quadruple fold bills before they fit my wallet.

Compared to other popular minimalist wallets, the Wally Bifold still manages to stay comfortably slim, even when fully stuffed.  It slides smoothly into the pocket and sits there comfortably against my body thanks to its streamlined leather construction. Between storage, retrieval, and comfort, the Bifold carries well.

Reviewer Score: 5/5


  • Carrying cash is a breeze
  • Intuitive, hassle-free pull-tab operation
  • Large capacity while remaining comfortably slim


  • Card retention not the most secure by design, also possibly resulting in larger footprint than needed

I’ve reviewed plenty of wallets for the site, but none have managed to impress me how the Wally Bifold has. It might not have the “cool” factor that other wallets do, but at the end of the day, it just does what a wallet is supposed to do, in its own unique way. Looking for a slim, comfortable, easy-to-use wallet that isn’t limiting? Meet Wally.

BUY ($59.99)

Lindsay at Distil Union has kindly provided a brand new Wally Bifold as a prize for our latest giveaway. Enter in the widget below. Good luck!

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