My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Stockbroker in Hertfordshire, UK

Mu Folding plug: UK plugs are a nightmare to carry, but this folds down very small.
Native Union Jump cable: Another elegant piece of design that replaces a data cable, and provides backup power.
Sony Xperia Z1: Waterproof. Why would anyone buy an iPhone?
Wallet by Aspinals of London, in which I carry cash/cards, a small Moleskine notebook, a fisher space pen and a TIHK key, because who trusts the police these days?
Victorinox Midnite Minichamp: which is small, inoffensive, legal, and has an orange peeler, which I love. It also has a Torch and Backup Pen, and blades which are adequate for the office and minor maintenance tasks I meet daily.
Sony headphones: came with the phone, and they’re excellent.
Brass Armour Zippo Lighter: A design classic, and you never know when you need to set fire to something.
Ray Ban Aviators.

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