My Everyday Carry

Professional Photographer in Stockholm, Sweden

I work mostly in a studio but when I’m out and about I tend to get ideas which need to get down on paper fast. An idea book, pen, iPhone and journal solves that problem; just the same with the camera and knife. Every photographer needs a knife in so many situations, the second most used item apart from that would be duct tape, though I don’t walk around with that all day long.
Susan Sontag’s book is great for reflections and eye-opening techniques, I use it mostly as a symbol and reminder during my workdays. Other than that, a trusty watch, my Keysmart, the paracord bracelet and my Fitbit help me stay sharp, organized and focused. And of course my business cards which I distribute on a daily basis have there own holder.
The little marble is a motivational super item I picked up somewhere along my youth, a reminder to keep on going and exploring the universe.

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Susan Sontag is soooo great! Another one of her books that i love is "Regarding the Pain of Others". Great book on social documentation and audience/issue interaction.
A Nikon SLR, pen and paper really is all you need.