15 Slim Card Sleeve Wallets

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Your wallet doesn’t have to be the bulkiest thing in your EDC. But somehow, it’s all too easy to let yours get out of control. Most of us only need an ID, a few cards, and maybe a bill or two to get through the day anyway. So if the only reason you’re carrying that bulky wallet is to stuff it with Taco Bell receipts dating back to last March, it’s time to switch things up. To keep things real slim, try a card sleeve wallet. They’re easy to carry (front pocket or back), quickly accessible, and super light weight. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a good EDC wallet. In this guide, we’re highlighting 15 of our favorite card sleeve wallets out there.

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Cards: 2-8, Cash: Tri-folded bill

Bellroy’s Card Sleeve features premium leather construction in a super slim package. The quick access slots on either side of the wallet make it easy to grab either of your most-used cards. The Card Sleeve’s pull tab allows you to get to the cards on the inside nearly as quick as those on the outside. It’ll hold anywhere from 2-8 cards with ease.

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Cards: 1-15, Cash: Dedicated Pocket

The BASICS wallet really lives up to its name. This affordable wallet is about as simple as they come. There’s a pull tab to get your cards out and an exposed bottom so you can push them out with your thumb. The BASICS wallet holds plenty of cards and even has a dedicated pocket for bills, coins, and a key or two.

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Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet

Cards: Up to 12, Cash: Tri-folded bills

Saddleback’s Sleeve Wallet is made from the same tough leather as the rest of their line. This wallet has a hole in the bottom to push up cards and cash so you can get them out quick and easy. The wallet holds plenty of cards and a few folded up bills. It’s available in several rich shades of brown, and a classy deep black.

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Distil Union Wally Micro

Cards: 1-10, Cash: Double folded (inserted), once folded (under strap)

The Wally Micro is a reversible wallet made from two contrasting colors of leather. You can flip the wallet around for a totally different look. The Wally Micro has a unique quick access ribbon that pulls out two of your most used cards, separating them from the rest. If you need to carry a bunch of cards, but only frequently use one or two, the Wally is a great option.

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Recycled Firefighter Money Clip Wallet

Cards: 4-8, Cash: Elastic strap

Recycled Firefighter’s take on the minimalist wallet is crafted from recycled firehose, one of the most durable cloth fabrics out there. If it’s good enough to contain high pressure water, it’ll do just fine for your cards and cash. There’s a pocket in the middle for your cards and an external elastic band that hangs onto cash.

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Magpul Polymer Wallet

Cards: 1-3, Cash: Tri-folded bills

Magpul is known for their tactical gear and tough EDC accessories. Their Polymer wallet is weather resistant and super minimal. It only fits a few cards, but it’s very slim, durable, and made in the USA. At just around ten bucks, it’s affordable too.

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TGT Elastic Wallet

Cards: 5+, Cash: Tri-folded bills in dedicated pocket

The TGT (pronounced “tight”) wallet is one of the most minimal out there. It’s made up of an elastic band and a lambskin leather pouch. Since the bulk of the wallet is made from elastic banding, it can fit as many cards as you’ll need to carry on a daily basis. The leather pouch on the front is ideal for some folded bills and a house key.

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Corter Card Sleeve

Cards: 6, Cash: Folded bill

Corter’s take on the card sleeve is completely hand made in New England from natural vegetable tanned leather. The case will pick up patina and darken the more you carry it, only getting better with time. The cards load in the top and the thumb slot makes them easy to get out.


This is Ground Metro Wallet

Cards: 3-4, Cash: Dedicated Pocket

The Metro wallet by This is Ground has two separate pockets, one for cards and one for cash. Slip your cards in the top, while keeping your cash accessible on the shallow outside pocket. This slim wallet is made from supple, top quality leather with minimal debossed branding on the back.


Anson Calder Calfskin Wallet

Cards: ~5+, Cash: Tri-folded in optional cash slot version

The Calfskin Wallet by Anson Calder features luxurious French calf leather. Each wallet is finished by hand with burnished edges and precise stitching. It’s also really slim, measuring in at a meager 1/8”. You can opt for the wallet with or without the cash slot, depending on what you like to carry.


Capsule Minimalist Wallet

Cards: Up to 6, Cash: Once-folded bills under strap

Capsule’s wallet looks minimal at first, but it’s really packed with useful features. The Minimalist Wallet has a structured strap on the outside for folded bills. The inside of the wallet is lined with high-density nylon to reduce friction, so your cards slide in and out with ease. They’ve also reinforced the stitching at stress points so your wallet will hold up to heavy use over the years.


Wingback Card Holder

Cards: 4+, Cash: Tri-folded bills

Add a pop of color to your wallet with Wingback’s Card Holder. Each wallet can be custom ordered in one of 5 different leathers, each with seven different thread color options. The Wingback is crafted from a single piece of leather, folded up into a few different compartments for cards and folded cash. The design is minimal, but it works well for carrying just the essentials.


Hitch and Timber Flat Jacket Wallet

Cards: 1-7, Cash: Tri-folded bills

The Flat Jacket wallet features Horween’s Dublin leather. It’s known for it’s durability and “pull up”. Pull up is the effect that’s seen as the wallet is broken in. It’s a high contrast textured effect that the makes the leather unique. The leather is enriched with oils and waxes that make it both high strength and low weight. This straightforward wallet is cut, sewn, and burnished by hand.


Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet

Cards: 4 Exterior Slots, Cash: Once-folded in side pocket

Taylor Stitch’s take on the minimalist wallet omits the large, top-loading slot seen on most wallets on the list. Instead, you get four separate vertical slots for cards, and a side-loading internal pocket for your bills. The two-tone Spanish leather with subtle gold branding results in a classy looking wallet that won’t weigh you down.


Loft of Cambie WOLYT

Cards: 6, Cash: Tri-folded bills in dedicated slot

Made from ballistic nylon with leather accents, the LoC Wolyt has a few unique features. There’s a leather lined cash slot that’ll fit a few folded bills. There’s also a loop on the side for a key ring, so you can carry your cash, cards, and house key all in one package. It’s available in several different mixes of nylon and leather colorways.


Did we leave your favorite card sleeve wallet off the list? Let us know what it is and why you like it in the comments below.

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