The Best Portable Tech for EDC

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At the core of nearly every EDC lie the essential tools we’ve relied on for decades: knives that let us cut, lights that let us see at night, and watches that let us know what time it is. But in today’s world this gear shares equal pocket space with the modern tools that help us navigate it: phones, laptops, and even battery packs to help power it all.

Though as indispensable as our new toys are, just like our essential tools, bigger isn’t always better. As EDCers, there’s always a way to do more with less and make the most use of our limited pocket space. So we’ve put together a list of tech that do just that. They feature some of the latest and greatest technological advancements in some of the smallest form factors you can carry.

Whether it’s consolidating the essentials you already have or adding that extra convenience to help make the most out of your day, we hope there’s a tech pick in here for you.

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

It doesn’t get simpler than a pen and paper notebook for all your note-taking needs, but we live in a time where even those can get the next-generation treatment. Case in point: the Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook. By pairing with the equally-useful erasable Pilot FriXion pens, you get a notebook you can reuse as needed, saving both time and bag space. The specialized pages also work with a smartphone app, letting you capture and upload your notes to your favorite cloud service.

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RAVPower 64GB Flash Drive/Charging Cable

When you work with computers having a flash drive is mandatory for transferring and keeping files. The problem is when clutter starts to build when you add a pile of cables to the mix. Solve three problems with one cable with this RAVPower cable, which combines flash storage, charging, and even extra storage for your smartphone.

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mophie powerstation plus mini

We’re all probably all carrying a battery pack of some sort these days to power our devices, so here’s an option to slim it down for a lighter carry. mophie makes one of the smallest and slimmest battery packs with the powerstation plus mini, while still having enough juice—to the tune of 4,000 mAh—to top up your devices. Even better, an integrated dual micro-USB/Lightning cable means one less thing to carry around.

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MecArmy SGN7 Rechargeable Alarm/Flashlight

You’re probably already carrying a flashlight, so here’s something that can help you consolidate your gear. The MecArmy SGN7 is a beefy light on its own with a max output of 550 lumens, but its alarm and charging features make it even more attractive to carry. As a handheld personal alarm it can wail at 120dB to help create space in an emergency, and when the emergency is low battery power its charging ports give you just enough power for that important phone call.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

Trackpads can be useful and your laptop already comes with one, but for long periods of detail work or playing games, you’re gonna need a mouse. Logitech make a lot of them, but our pick is their compact MX Anywhere 2S. Not only is it one of their smallest, letting you carry it without hassle in your computer bag, but it’s got great features to boot. This includes cross-computer control, a rechargeable battery with up to 70 days of power, and Logitech’s “endless scroll” mousewheel which makes short work of long documents or webpages.

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BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Many of us can’t live without music. Whether it’s a long commute, working out in the gym, or stuck at a desk at work, the right soundtrack just makes everything sound better. The BeatsX wireless Bluetooth earphones lets you play your tunes for up to 8 hours, plenty of time to get through your tasks for the day. Its Fast Fuel feature lets you quick charge the BeatsX in 5 minutes to give you up to 2 hours worth of charge, and its wire-free Bluetooth connectivity keeps it tangle-free and easy to stow in your carry.

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Kindle Paperwhite

While there will always be a place for having a great novel in your hands, it’s hard to beat entire libraries you can access from a single compact device. The Kindle has revolutionized reading books on the go, and is a perfect addition to any book lover’s EDC. The Paperwhite strikes a good balance between size and features, giving you weeks’ worth of battery life to browse and read any book you desire from the massive Kindle library.

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Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

Having to wear both a watch and fitness band can be a hassle, especially with the band would be out of place, like formal affairs. A hybrid smartwatch with classic designs like the Fossil Q gets the job done, addressing the need for a watch that you can wear with a suit as well as tracking one’s fitness. In addition to its fitness tracker functions, the Q also pairs up with your smartphone to alert you to important notifications like texts or e-mail.

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Mighty Music Player

You’re all set for sound with the earphones we’ve recommended on this list, and now you need a player. Sure, your phone can play your music, but a large smartphone is the last thing you want in your pockets during long-distance runs or pumping iron in the gym. Enter the Mighty, the first (and currently only) device that lets you save your favorite Spotify playlists offline in a device you can easily clip onto your clothes or your pockets. With 5 hours of playback and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s the perfect device for all your on-the-go music needs.


KeySmart Pro + Tile

One of the most popular key organizers for EDC gets a tech upgrade with the KeySmart Pro. By integrating Tile technology, the Pro lets you pair your keychain with your phone, letting you find either with ease at the touch of a button or a tap of its app. You get all the key organization features you know and love from the KeySmart, while making it even more useful with its locator and built-in flashlight.


Do you have a favorite piece of portable tech you carry with you every day? Sound off in the comments below!

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