Zombie Green Halloween-Themed EDC Gear

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Halloween is upon us once again, and you know what that means: obscene amounts of candy, spooky costumes, and binge-watching horror flicks.

If you’ve ever sat through a scary movie and thought, “Well, an EDC would’ve saved them for sure,” you’re not alone.

Part of why we EDC is to be prepared for anything, and around this time of year it’s amusing to think about how our gear might fare in a zombie apocalypse.

Sure, zombies, vampires, and werewolves might not be real (hopefully), our day-to-day obstacles definitely are.

In this round-up, you’ll find some practical gear with some spooky flair that’ll have your back all year round against things that go bump in the night.

Ka-Bar Zombie Mule Serrated Folder

The Ka-Bar Zombie Mule folder might be great for killing zombies, but that’s not the only use case for it’s 3” serrated blade. Whether you’re preparing lunch for the day or in an emergency situation, the AUS8 stainless steel blade won’t let you down. Plus its zombie green Zytel scales make it easy to spot if you toss it in a bag on your way out the door. Those pumpkins never stood a chance.

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Fisher Space Pen Zombie Apocalypse

Fisher Space Pens are famous for their ability to write in any situation, and this one comes in with a special cap made of a raw brass bullet cartridge. You’ll get the same reliable writing experience you’ve come to expect with a new durable cap perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

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Boker Plus Subcom Z-Series

If you’re looking for a smaller knife to add to your carry take a look at the Boker Plus Subcom Z-series. This partially serrated EDC blade measures only 1.8” in length, but can still get the job done whether you’re in the office or in the woods. Flick open the blade when you need it thanks to the handy neon green thumb stud which also matches the highly visible handle. A perfectly placed notch in the handle keeps your fingers out of harm’s way while the blade gets to work.

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Titanium Bullet Mini Pill Fob

Whether you have important medication that you can’t be without or want to stash away some ibuprofen for the next time you have a headache, a pill fob is always a solid tool to have. The titanium construction of the Ti-EDC Pill Fob makes it durable enough for EDC while maintaining a lightweight design weighing only 0.28 ounces. The fact that it comes in the shape of a bullet is just an added perk.

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Trayvax Axis Zombie Green Cerakote

You may not need a wallet after civilization ends, but until then it’s a good idea to have one. With the Trayvax Axis you don’t have to worry about your information being stolen as two RFID-blocking stainless steel plates protect your cards. Everything is held together by a MIL-SPEC nylon strap, so you can securely carry up to 14 cards and 8 bills without worrying about anything falling out.

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Zippo Green Lighter

If you want a tried and true lighter, you can’t go wrong with a Zippo. The all-metal body can take a serious beating and still provide you with a windproof flame in a pinch. Pick one up via the link below and add some color to your carry with this matte green option.

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Kershaw Shuffle

Kershaw helps the Shuffle stand out from the crowd with a lime green grip that makes it harder to lose in your glove box or backpack. Not only does it come with a sick looking 2.4” black-oxide blade, but it also has a few other handy features as well. The handle has a built-in bottle opener and flathead screwdriver at the tip, and you can carry comfortably thanks to a reversible pocket clip.


SOG MacV Multi-tool

Multi-tools are meant to be practical, but why shouldn’t they look cool too? With the MacV multi-tool you’ll get 12 useful tools including screwdrivers and wrenches, in a 3Cr13 stainless steel body shaped like a skull. Enjoy all the functionality of the common multi-tool in something small enough to fit on your keychain.

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Leatherman Skeletool Moss Green

When it comes to gear few companies get it like Leatherman. The Skeletool is one of their more popular multi-tools and it’s not hard to see why. This plier-based multi-tool packs a punch with a partially serrated blade, wire cutter, and bit driver in a body that weighs only 5 ounces. Throw in a combo carabiner/bottle opener and this is one tool that you’ll be glad to carry year-round.

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Titanium Bullet EDC Bead

If you’re looking for a way to accent your gear, EDC beads and paracord are a good way to go. Not only is paracord is extremely useful to have in emergency situations, but combining it with this Titanium Bullet bead makes smaller pocket tools easier to find in your pockets. Pick up this durable bead to add some flair and functionality to your favorite tool.

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What gear would you use to fend off a zombie apocalypse? Sound off in the comments below!

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