Staff Picks: 5 EDC Pens We're Using Right Now

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Now that we’re well into the year, you’ve probably had enough time with new pickups and additions to your EDC. Since your gear can be so personal, part of the fun is figuring out what’s working for you right now and how it might differ from someone else’s go-to kit. Today, we’re highlighting our favorite pens at the moment, all picked by our staff for several different reasons: pocket friendliness, smooth writing, durability, and more. If you’ve been on the hunt for a new everyday jotter, be sure to check these out.

Before we begin, we want to know…

What EDC pen is on your wishlist?

Leave a comment below with your go-to pen or even a pen you’ve been wanting, and we’ll feature your picks in a follow-up article! To get the ideas rolling, we’ll start things off:

Machine Era Field Pen

Bernard Capulong: I hadn’t put much thought into a pocket-friendly pen recently since most of my writing sessions tend to be on the longer side and take place at a desk, where a full-sized pen makes the most sense. But ever since getting my hands on Machine Era’s latest Field Pen, I’m starting to come around. The Field Pen has practically everything I’d look for in a pocketable EDC pen: a shorter body, durable materials like solid brass or stainless steel, a robust pocket clip, and a retractable design that’s much less likely to leak in my pocket. With the Field Pen, I also get to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to bolt action. It’s so satisfying to deploy and definitely inspires confidence in the construction of the pen overall. Last but not least, it takes the trusty Fisher Space Pen cartridge (since the last thing you want is an EDC pen that won’t write). The slight heft of the stainless steel body (1.3 oz) and ribbed mid section help make for quick, balanced, and comfortable writing too.

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Pentel EnerGel Alloy

Mikey Bautista: Being a lefty I find it hard to find pens that balance comfort, ink, smoothness of writing, and aesthetics; usually it’s pick 3 and call it a day. I discovered the EnerGel line on a list of fast-drying gel pens–the type I’m most comfortable with–and found the Alloy as the standout of the set. It comes in lightweight but strong aluminum alloy in a variety of barrel colors, a subtle wave-shaped grip, and its refill even comes in my preferred tip size of 0.7mm. I also like retractable, clipped pens the most, making the Alloy the only pen I’ve come across that covers every single one of my needs. I’m looking forward to amassing a small pile of these.

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Tactile Turn Slider Bolt Action Pen

Ed Jelley: This pen by Tactile Turn was released a few years ago, but it still remains my most-carried pen. The short size of the Slider model (compared to the longer Glider) fits and feels great in my pocket. The pen operates with a bolt-action extension mechanism. Not only does this keep the refill fully retracted in the pen, but it’s also fun to play with as well. The clip is positioned very close to the top of the pen, allowing it to ride deep in your pocket too. The entire pen is machined with a grooved pattern for improved grip and a unique appearance that makes an otherwise simple silhouette a bit more interesting. The size, extension mechanism, and grip result in an excellent pen that’ll compliment your EDC nicely.

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Pentel Tradio Pulaman

Jonathan Tayag: I bought the Pentel Tradio Pulaman during a trip to Japan last year, and it’s been in my pocket ever since. It’s an inexpensive fountain pen that has a unique and smooth, almost felt tip feel. But unlike a felt-tip, it can resolve to a fine point for detail writing work. The Tradio Pulaman is a joy to write with, and it’s replaced even some dedicated EDC pens I have on hand. And because it’s a disposable pen, I won’t be too miffed when I end up losing it. I’ll pick another up and continue on where I left off.

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Tanner Goods Memori Pen

Adam Molina: One pen that I loved using was the original Machine Era Brass pen, but it slipped out of my pocket at the movie theaters never to be seen again. From then on I promised myself I’d only use pens with a pocket clip to keep them from falling out again, but the Memori Pen from Tanner Goods has me wanting to go back on that promise to myself. Sure, it doesn’t have a pocket clip, but in a way it looks like a slightly larger and more ergonomic version of that pen I lost all those months ago. It has that same brass construction that I loved and over time I’m sure it will patina just as nicely, plus the knurled section towards the tip is sure to make gripping the pen that much easier during longer writing sessions. It also accepts G2 sized ink cartridges (just like the Machine Era pen) and to top it all off the pen is made in the city I recently moved to: Portland, Oregon. How can I not support the artists behind the Memori?

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What EDC pen are you enjoying right now? Leave a comment below and we may feature your pick in the next Reader’s Choice round-up!

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