The Best Watch Straps for EDC in 2018

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While the case and dial are usually the focus of your EDC watch, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the strap or bracelet it’s on. The strap actually plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of a watch. So if you’re feeling bored of staring at the same old watch everyday, you can breathe new life into your EDC watch in a matter of seconds with a different strap or bracelet. And swapping in a strap isn’t always just for show, either — a new strap can make your favorite watch more lighter and more comfortable, more secure on your wrist, or better suited for wet conditions. Luckily there are plenty of styles to choose from, and  in this guide, we’re highlighting our strongest watch strap recommendations available so far.

Crown and Buckle Supreme NATO

The Supreme NATO from Crown and Buckle really lives up to its name. The weave of the nylon is smooth and comfortable with a woven edge that gives it a unique look. The custom hardware is low-profile but sturdy, and finished with a matte look that suits a ton of different watch styles. Even their color options have that custom feel. For example, their Midnight and Cypress colors are shades apart from your generic navy and green. The culmination of details results in a handsome, durable, and comfortable strap. While they aren’t cheap at $34, they’re a solid investment for your timepiece.

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BluShark Original NATO

While there’s no shortage of offerings in the NATO strap category, BluShark stands out for their solid hardware and well-finished nylon straps. A lot of strap companies have several tiers of straps, but BluShark’s Original NATO is probably the best “standard” offering of the bunch. They’re available in dozens of colors with different hardware options too. You’re sure to find a color way that suits the rest of your EDC. For under twenty bucks (or lower as they’re frequently on sale) they represent a good value as well.

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Eulit Palma Perlon Strap

Perlon is a style of braided nylon that’s ultra lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. Eulit’s Palma Perlon Strap is one of the best out there because of its premium hardware and thick nylon weave. Another bonus of the Perlon strap is that you can adjust the size to any spot on the strap. Since the buckle threads in between the nylon weave, you get a much more custom fit than you can on straps with preset holes.

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Worn and Wound Model 2 Premium

Worn and Wound’s Model 2 Premium strap is made in the USA from the best quality leather out there. They choose their material from Horween Leather and Wickett & Craig—two of the top tanneries in the states. Each strap features double stitch construction near the spring bar attachment for a vintage, handmade look. The edges of the Model 2 Premium are coated with several layers of paint in a complementary color that adds a premium look and improves wear. The soft leather and the gentle taper from lug to end result in a comfortable strap that adds a level of class to any style of watch.

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One Star Leather Goods Two Piece Veg Tan Leather

This two-piece leather strap from One Star Leather goods is made from a thick, vegetable-tanned leather. EDCers will appreciate the way this sturdy strap molds to the wrist, becoming more comfortable with wear. Veg-Tan leather starts out very light in color then ages to a beautiful warm brown over time. Each strap is 100% hand made in their LA-based workshop with top-quality materials. Since the watches are made to order, you can specify your preference in stitch color and hardware finish.

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Strapcode Bracelet for the Seiko SKX Series

The Seiko SKX series of divers is one of the most popular out there, and for good reason. They’re packed with features like a 200m depth rating, solid steel case, rotating timing bezel, and more. The only thing that leaves something to be desired about the watch is the included rubber strap. That’s where the Strapcode bracelet comes into play. This 3rd party bracelet is built to the same solid specs as the watch itself. There are solid end links for a sturdy feel, and a heavy duty double locking clasp to make sure the watch stays on your wrist. At only $60, it represents a tremendous value that will give your watch a premium look and feel.

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Note: This only fits the Seiko SKX007, SKX173, SKX009 and SKX011. We included it because of the popularity of that watch, and the lack-luster included strap. 

Uncle Seiko Tropic Rubber Strap

Inspired by the dive watch straps of the 60’s and 70’s, this Tropic rubber strap from Uncle Seiko combines vintage looks with modern materials. Tropic style straps feature a unique basketweave pattern on the outside of the strap with perforated holes throughout. On the under side of the strap, you’ll find a waffle weave pattern that limits rubber-on-wrist contact for while easily draining water through one of the many holes in the strap. Not only is the strap’s pattern functional, but it also adds a unique textured look to your watch.

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Barton Bands Elite Rubber Strap

Barton’s Elite Rubber strap is great for those who like to frequently switch their straps. Its quick release spring bar mechanism on the underside of the strap requires no tools, making the process even easier. It’s hard not to pick up a few of these premium silicone straps just to have options from day to day. They’re available in sixteen different colors in 18, 20, and 22mm widths.

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