The Most Popular EDC Gear in 2019

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Another year, another great time for gear. With tons of awesome gear released this year and the continuous advancement of tech, it’s the best time ever to add a new piece to your EDC. So when all’s been said and done, 2019’s list of most popular gear should be filled with the latest and greatest, right? Well, that’s what we thought, too. Instead, when we looked back through our database for the year, the surprising standouts were well-established EDC essentials mixing it up with some rock-solid newcomers. It shows that while there’s definitely room for the freshest gear to break out, the classics never go out of style, or ever skip a beat with how useful they can be, even today. Better yet, it’s a great list to show new EDCers gear that will stand the test of time. Read on below to see 2019’s most popular—and timeless—EDC gear.

10. CRKT Black Stonewash Squid

Kicking off the list is a popular knife that’s made a comeback in more ways than one over the years. The Black Stonewash Squid is an alternate colorway of CRKT’s popular and affordable everyday folder. Designed by Lucas Burnley, the knife is easy on the eyes and would make a great candidate for everyday carry use thanks to its smaller size. Despite the drop-point blade measuring in at only 2.14 inches, its wide profile and shape result in a versatile cutting tool. An integrated frame lock keeps the cutting edge firmly in place when in use, and the grooved blade spine and finger cut outs improve your grip. The all-metal knife is equipped with a deep pocket carry clip and finished off with a black stonewash to complete the stealthy look. Feature packed and affordable, the low-profile Squid would be right at home in a blacked-out EDC.

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9. Secrid Mini Wallet

If you’re in the market for a slim wallet that adds some flash to your carry, check out the past year’s 9th most popular item, the Secrid Mini Wallet. At just 16mm flat you can stash cash and a few of your most used cards in three slots along the inside, but what really sets this wallet apart is the aluminum cardholder. Easily carry up to 12 cards that you can access quickly thanks to a small lever towards the bottom that slides them out the top for you to choose from. It never gets old to pull out your needed cards at the push of a button. Throw in RFID blocking to protect your information and you’ve got an EDC wallet that holds its own for everyday needs.

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8. Benchmade Proper 319-1

This year’s #8 item answers the question of: “What if a traditional knife was built today?” The Proper 319-1 is Benchmade’s first take on a classic slip joint folder. It’s a non-locking folding knife with a ton of character, crafted by one of the best blade makers in the USA. Instead of the cheap carbon steel you commonly see on slip joints, the Proper uses a corrosion-resistant, American-made CPM S30V steel on its 2.86” blade. Its sheepsfoot blade shape is ideal for a variety of cutting and slicing tasks, thanks to the large belly and distinct point. In keeping with the traditional slip joint design, the Proper comes with scales made of either red contoured G10 or a dark green micarta resin that both give a unique tactile feel and extra grip. It opens and closes with a nail nick and the slip joint mechanism keeps it firmly in place. There’s no pocket clip, but there is a lanyard hole so you can easily grab it from your pocket.

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7. KeyBar

The US-made KeyBar was one of the earliest EDC products on the market to use the two-post, swing-out design, and they definitely got it right the first time, seeing its popularity well into 2019. With a simple and efficient design of two slabs of material, two screw-down posts to hold up to 12 keys (expandable to 28), and a simple keychain loop, KeyBar have retained the core design for years while riffing on materials, colorways, and clips to match a variety of aesthetics. Subtle upgrades over the years like using alternative materials like carbon fiber stay true to the original design while giving the KeyBar a substantial boost in toughness and collectibility.

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6. Leatherman Wave+

6th on the list comes as no surprise, as it has graced the pockets and toolboxes of countless EDCers for decades. Designed as a toolbox replacement, the original Wave featured 18 total functions, including Leatherman’s signature butterfly-opening pliers and fold-out tools from its aluminum handles. Celebrating their 35th anniversary last year, Leatherman re-released many of their signature multi-tools (including the Wave) and upgraded them with 154CM steel replaceable wire cutters for even more longevity in the hands of people who depend on their tools. The Wave+ strikes a perfect balance of form, function, and rugged dependability that’s stood the test of time over the years, and will for many more.

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5. Victorinox Cadet Alox

The Victorinox Cadet Alox–seen here in its limited edition Champagne gold colorway for 2019–continues to be an easy recommendation for anyone looking to build or add to their EDC. Only 84 mm long, impressively thin, with 9 useful functions, and hardy embossed aluminum scales with anodic oxidation as an extra protective layer: these all add up to a multi-tool that’s not only easy to carry, but looks as good as it is functional. Since the Cadet’s release there have been a lot of slim blades, multi-function blades, and affordable blades, but rarely do they line up so well in a single product. And with aftermarket parts like clips, scales, and swapped tools adding even more utility, the Cadet also gives you the platform to build the perfect knife.

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4. Gerber Dime

One of Gerber’s most popular multi-tools is also one of their most useful, and it’s easy to see why EDCers have enjoyed its performance over the years, judging by its appearance on both this and last year’s most popular EDC gear. 10 tools that include pliers, scissors, cutters, and drivers fold into a compact 2.75” stainless steel package that sits comfortably on your keychain or in your pocket. And weighing only 2.2 ounces with an included split ring, the Dime is effortless to carry or clip to the rest of your gear. Available in 5 colors to match any loadout with a price tag that belies its utility, Gerber’s mini multi-tool is the perfect addition (or backup) to any EDC.

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3. Fisher Space Pen Raw Brass

All hail EDC pen royalty, making a comeback this year after taking the crown in 2018. The Fisher Space Pen is probably the one item on this (or any) list that needs no introduction, or further explanation as the years go by. You know it well by now: an inexpensive pen whose legendary refill writes anytime, anywhere, in any orientation. It’s extremely compact in size, yet works with its cap to write like a full-sized pen. And best of all is its price, making it an extremely affordable way to add an easy-to-carry writing option to any EDC, even in the premium, only-gets-better-with-age brass model seen here. Long live the king.

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2. Benchmade Bugout

Benchmade designed the Bugout from the ground up to be a lightweight, full-sized everyday carry beast of a knife, and in this year just like the last, it’s definitely made its mark in the loadouts of many EDCers. To get to just 1.85 ounces in weight, Benchmade turned to ultralight yet durable Grivory scales. The Bugout also sports a 3.24” long, premium CPM-S30V steel drop-point blade with a keen full flat ground edge. With a blade like that, you’ll be ready to take on all challengers with it in hand. And whether you’re on an outdoor trail or in an urban environment, you’ll appreciate the solid lock-up Benchmade’s included AXIS lock provides. The combination of features combined with Benchmade build quality add up to a knife well worth adding to your EDC.

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1. Ridge Wallet

And here we have it: last year’s most popular item is a wallet that’s nothing like a traditional bifold, with a design that strips away excess for something elegantly simple. At its core, the Ridge Wallet is composed of two lightweight yet durable aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum plates. Bound by expandable elastic bands and further reinforced with stainless steel screws, the Ridge has enough room for up to 12 of your most essential cards. Its clever metal construction not only keeps it light at just 2 ounces, but it also makes it naturally resistant against RFID skimming, keeping your personal information safe. And if you need to carry cash, there’s dedicated space for folded bills using your choice of either a cash strap or money clip. Recent releases also offer the Ridge Wallet in a variety of materials like carbon fiber and titanium, so there’s plenty of choice to mix and match with your EDC.

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What were your favorite EDC items this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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