5 Dango Gift Ideas to Take Your EDC to the Next Level

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There’s nothing like reaching the full potential of the gear you carry daily. From optimizing your cash and cards with a minimalist wallet to making sure your watch is as stylish and reliable as the rest of your gear, or wearing the best belt in the business for your everyday outfits, robust and useful gear makes all the difference. And with the holidays around the corner, Dango is here to help make the most of your EDC. In this guide we’re highlighting five solid gift ideas from their catalog, gear you can use yourself or give as great gits to maximize everyday essentials.

A10 Adapt Wallet

Dango’s new Adapt platform streamlines the process of changing your wallet features based on your mission, letting you adapt a slim compact front pocket wallet into a higher-capacity bifold, or and even integrate a notebook and pen holder in the versatile process. The basic Adapt wallet consists of the chassis, which is made from anodized and precision-machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. On one side of the wallet is a horizontal cavity that allows for easy, yet secure access to up to four cards, protected by an RFID-shielding aluminum plate to prevent against identity theft and credential spoofing. On the other side there’s an unshielded card pocket to accommodate quick entry into buildings and offices, or for NFC use at point-of-sale registers or for public transit.

But it’s the Adapt rail system that sets this apart from other wallets out there, by allowing for tool-free reconfiguration of the wallet to both improve capacity and capability based on your needs for the day. You have versatile options with the Single Pocket Adaptor, Bifold Wallet and even options for connecting it to your smartphone. With the Dango A10 Adapt Wallet, you can adapt to the situation and change things as you need when you need it.

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M1 Spec-Ops Bifold

While the M1 takes design cues from Dango’s other wallets, the patent pending quick release rail mechanism is a new system that gives this model its name. On the “open” side of the M1, a pair of flexible prongs act as the securing structure to hold 4 of your most-used cards, while allowing you to easily slide and pop them out as needed. This side of the wallet allows RFID transmission, which makes it easy to use your regular workplace and commuter cards. The other side of the M1 has space for 5 cards along with an aluminum backplate that encapsulates the section and gives it RFID protection. A silicone band gives the sides grip and gives the rear section extra lockdown as well as a space to slot in more cards and folded cash.

The Spec-Ops Bifold takes the M1’s usability up a notch while giving its aesthetics a subdued and stealthier tone, making use of their technical DTEX non-leather material for resilient, flexible, and water-resistant performance. The bifold component adds more compartments and even tools to the M1, allowing you to carry up to 18 cards and an optional MT04 multi-tool: it includes a seat belt cutter, serrated/sharpened edges, chisel, 2 paracord tensioners, an O2 oxygen wrench, nail pryer, standard 1/4” inch hex wrench, and of course, a bottle opener. The MT04 slides into the metal cavity where the cards sit and is nested securely onto the safety locks on the chassis. In addition to the MT04, the M1 Spec-Ops Bifold Pocket Variant includes the high carbon, heat treated stainless steel MT01 Clasp Multi-tool. The MT01 is a miniature multi-tool that is used as the bifold enclosure and packs about 5 additional functions such as: a small chisel, an open 1/4” hex wrench, another bottle opener, a flat and Phillips head screw driver.

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Dango Belt

For many people, a belt is a belt: a piece of leather that holds your pants up. But for EDCers, a good belt is the difference between a guy keeping his outfit together and Batman. And like the rest of the tools they carry every day, a functional, reliable belt can perform well on its own while coming in handy at a moment’s notice. Just like the Caped Crusader’s famous accessory, Dango’s debut into belts seeks to give you both form and function to make the most of your everyday clothing.

Before anything else, a belt has to its job well, which means it has to be built well enough to never let you—or your pants—down. The Dango Belt comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. The buckle itself is removable, meaning you can swap out straps to different colors (your choice of Jet Black or Whiskey Brown) to fit your daily ensemble. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3″ inner diameter and 1.9″ internal height, it’s a discreet part of the belt’s design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

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Capsule Family

Dango devised their family of EDC-worthy Capsules as a set of sturdy containers dedicated to keeping your “smalls” in proper order. Whether it’s spare change for the parking meter, a spare key in case of a lockout, or even emergency matches you need to keep dry—if it’s small, chances are the Dango Capsule Family can store and protect it. The Capsule Wide sets itself apart from the more common pill-shaped containers with its wide and shallow form factor. This made-in-USA, food-safe, and waterproof container gives you a nifty way to carry and organize your small EDC items. Measuring 58mm x 21mm, it provides enough storage for a everyday items like a spare key, loose change, and mints. It’s also suitable as a go-anywhere container for emergency or outdoor gear like first aid essentials or even fishing bait for the more adventurous EDCers. Accessing your gear is a matter of simply twisting off its threaded screw-down lid. On the back, is removable stainless steel clip that lets you keep the Capsule Wide within easy reach—clipped onto your belt or the strap of your EDC pack.

There’s also the Coin Capsule. It’s a modern take on the coin carrier to complement your favorite minimalist wallet. This handy 60mm x 27mm aluminum container accommodates up to $5.44 in a combination of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. A belt clip and lanyard attachment point give you multiple ways to keep your coins handy, organized, and silent — no more pocket jangle. All of the Capsule products are made in the USA and designed to be tough and easy to carry companions to help you bring all your small items everyday.

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Dango Modular Watches

Dango’s watches are built with the same care and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of their popular wallets and accessories. In the spirit of covering your every adventure, the Dango Watches line comes in three models to match your everyday activities: Trek, Dive, and Chrono. All three watches feature a strong 45mm wrist presence built with 316L stainless steel and sapphire glass, protecting a beating heart in the form of a Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

The dive watch is arguably the most emblematic of EDC—a rock-solid watch with bold features and reliable performance on land or at sea. The DV-01 ticks all the boxes for this iconic style, with a few more thoughtful features added to the mix. Out of the collection, the DV-01 has a hardier 200-meter water resistance you would expect from a dive watch. Large luminescent markers light up its dial, with a date window at the 3 o’clock position and hi-vis yellow ends for its three hands. Finally, a notched, uni-directional rotating bezel rounds out the DV-01’s case features. For its strap you have an option for either a metal bracelet or ventilated silicone sport band, both featuring Dango’s interchangeable lugs. Step up your watch game with Dango’s new timepiece collection, built for any everyday carry and activity.

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